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IMG_20180516_185428528_HDR-01[1]“You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.”
― Alchemist

My name is Kislay Rai Pradhan and I’m a 20-year-old guy living his student life while travelling in India.

Travelling was always a way for me to get away from all the problems as a student but then I started realizing that what if I can get away from all the hustle bustle of the city forever and just backpack through my amazing country.

From that point on I decided to start a travel blog to share my journey of becoming a full-time travel blogger in India as a student.

This website is all about my journey and experiences as a solo traveler in India.


Sitting Beside Pichola Lake(Udipur)
Finding Peace In City of Lakes

Born in Azamgarh which is a small city with big values in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Growing up as a single child always brought me with some creative ways to enjoy things without someone else. Shifting to Delhi with my parents was a big turn around as it opened me to a whole new world. After my high school, I fixed my goal to become an actuarial scientist.

Coming to college and getting admitted to Maths hons. Course (by the way still following my actuarial scientist dream) doesn’t give everyone a sense or a passion for travelling. Studying through days for preparation of actuarial science and college exams was giving me a sense of urgency to get away from everything.

And then on 20th September 2018, I went away to travel solo in the midst of Himachal (#mountainsarecalling) and trek to Beas Kund which wasn’t a successful trip but coming back from that trip it just changes something inside me. I already started to plan for my next trip searching on google continuously for places to see.

Then one day I saw the video on How to Travel the World for free by Erick Conover, which translated me to start researching all over the internet for other travel bloggers like Footloosedev(definitely check him out he has been my biggest inspiration) and their inspirational stories for becoming a full-time blogger which gave me an wonderful idea of starting Slippery Legs.

So now I’m a student travel Blogger who aspire to become a full-time travel blogger after my college and forever roam around India and this world while sharing about it.

How I like to travel


Travel for me is meeting new people and learning new things about different places.

I prefer travelling solo to offbeat places on low-budget rather than splashing big money on resorts and packaged tours.

I’m a big trekking and camping enthusiast because it gives me a sense of peace and chaos at the same time which nothing else can bring. I believe in Immersing myself in different culture and environment.

Want to know more about how I travel? Check out

I’m happy if I will skip some of the big city attractions but skipping on an untrailed trek will give me a stomach ache.

Why this travel blog


So finally the biggest question Why this travel blog when there are tones out there?

Well there are tonnes of travel blogs out there which I agree are very good and informative but this travel blog will help you in realizing your dream of travelling and making it possible right from the early days of college.

Other than above, Slippery Legs will help you in your journey across different destinations in India to live and experience them right from its bus stand to amazing things it will serve you with.

Will also help you in choosing the best places to travel in your budget and the interesting ways to get around these high priced destinations.

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