Aloo Baba | Scenic Drive and Mysterious Baba in Pushkar

Aloo Baba | Scenic Drive and Mysterious Baba in Pushkar

One of my task before visiting Pushkar was to visit or explore something offbeat. After scrolling much on Google I wasn’t getting any information about something unexplored. Suddenly a fellow traveler suggested me to drive towards Aloo Baba. Thus, a cool name and a scenic drive towards Aloo Baba was enough to intrigue me for visiting his residence.

Aloo Baba is 9 km away from Pushkar, and I will advise you to drive till there because the views are absolutely spectacular. The scenic drive is a bike-lover dream. You can drive till there via scooter or bike which you can rent in Pushkar town. The typical cost of a scooter is between Rs 300- Rs 600, depending upon the season.

Be careful while driving during the monsoon season. The scenic mountains may distract you from the slippery road ahead of you.

Meeting Aloo Baba

After entering the premises we were distracted by the cool graffitis in the baba’s place, his house is stuck between the rocks of arravalis. At that moment I knew that he was someone special to talk to. Although Baba was a little busy because of the preparation for a special event, he got some time out to talk to us.

He graced us with a smile and started telling that he eats only potatoes because it helps him during his concentration. He told us that eating potatoes helps you in control of everything around you. Meditation is his only agenda of life, with no kids and marriage. His only mantra is “OM NAMA SHIVAYA”, insisting that many mantras will cause many problems. He insisted on his theory of only one mind, that there is no boy/girl, no Hindu, no Muslim, no black and whites, and THERE IS ONLY ONE MIND! He is 74 years old and only eats potatoes which show you the peak of Human determination.

You can go and gift Baba some potatoes, which he definitely won’t mind!

Beauty beyond Baba

Thus after conversing with us for 10-15 min. he told us to explore the hills around his temple, and even showed us trail towards the upper mountains. So I decided to explore the hills around because it was monsoon season.

Only after sweating for about 15 min. through rocks and thorns, we reached a point from where we couldn’t believe we are in Rajasthan. It felt as if gods himself decided for us to see the dance of clouds.

The mist in the air was cold and we can even see Ajmer far away from us. It was only me and my friends on that hill looking at the natural beauty. Due to the monsoon, the hills were green, and the clouds were low, even covering some of the high peaks.

I even met some locals, who told me. that they live beyond these hills. They come here daily to meet Baba and take care of their farms.

I was gutted to not stay there for the sunset, but we decided to head back because of unpredictable weather conditions.

While coming back you can stop en-route, and take a look at the city of Ajmer.

Where to Stay in Pushkar

Pushkar is only turning into a backpacking hub so there are many cheap stay options in Pushkar. But the main thing while choosing the accommodation is that you want to stay near the ghat/lake. This is the place with all the action and charm of the town. The cafes near the lake are awesome and you can visit many rooftop cafes around the area. I will only recommend hostels because I stayed in one and I don’t believe in spending too much on accommodation.

  • Moustache Pushkar – It is a great choice to stay in Pushkar since the hostel is in the prime location and you don’t have to walk much for exploring. They have good beds, and great service to go along with it. Plus it is cheaper than other hostels in comparison. They even have a rooftop cafe overlooking the Pushkar lake.
  • Zostel Pushkar, Madpackers Pushkar – Both of them are also good hostels in Pushkar, although I didn’t stay at both of them. But the ratings and reviews from previous guests were good enough.

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