Barmer | Exploring the hidden gem of Rajasthan

Barmer | Exploring the hidden gem of Rajasthan

With the giant Arravalis emerging right in front of you to the train to last railway station of India, Barmer has packed some of the best things for anyone who is on a quest to explore the hidden gems in the soil of Rajasthan.

Now, You must be thinking why I chose this place?

It was a decision to test my limitations as a traveller as the place was unheard like the Men working in the hot Mines. Thus I locked myself to explore Barmer.

Barmer Rajasthan

The city of Barmer as seen from famous Shiva Temple

Reaching Barmer from Jodhpur I had no idea about where to go and what is there to be seen in this unheard city.

It was a big contrast going from Jodhpur which was noisy, touristic and vast with Barmer being completely opposite from all the typical retrospect.

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It is a city sandwiched between Jaisalmer and Mount Abu who are 2 of the biggest touristic giants of Rajasthan which contributes for it being ignored by many travellers.

Giant Rocky Arravalis


As soon as you reach Barmer you will get your first glimpse of giant rocky Arravalis emerging right in front of your foot.

These ranges can be seen as far as your eyes can reach with nothing in between you and those rocky peaks.

While seeing those far away peaks I was amazed to realize that how Rajasthan has been beautifully crafted and even in the era of commercialization it has still stood the test of time remarkably.

Best Sunset in Rajasthan


Believe me when I say this that the best sunset in Rajasthan can be seen in Barmer.

And this is coming from a person who has seen sunsets in Thar Desert, Lakes of Udaipur and the famous Pachetia Sunset point of Jodhpur.

A sun so small but a moment so large that you will be left with sudden amazement that what I have just seen.

You will be left silent when you see sun setting behind the tall ranges of Arravalis almost like it wants to run away from the constant attention from this world.

The changing color of clouds from white to orange to light maroon was magnificent and a sight to hold.

You can see the best sunset by going to Shiv temple which is a 20 min. staircase walk.

Sight of 1000 stars

As the sun sets way the darkness takes over but not for long as the little shining warrior of this universe emerges from their den to create a mesmerizing effect.

Surprisingly Barmer has a beautiful stargazing effect.

Covered by 1000 of them made me emotional about what I have just witnessed and I wouldn’t have experienced any of it without my drive to explore uncovered places.

Going to Legendary Munabao Railway Station

Munabao Railway Station

The last railway station of India which is Munabao Railway Station can be reached from Barmer Railway Station under 2 hours only.

Visiting this will be a delight for you as it will provide you with major historical reference to the days of partition and the struggles people went through.

This railway station acts as a border station to legendary Thar Express.

So Munabao Railway Station is a must visit place if you are coming to Barmer.

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What Barmer taught me

The beautiful clouds of Barmer

Apart from the above experiences, Barmer was special for me right from the way I chose it by pointing at the map of Rajasthan to the surprising stargaze, everything was unheard for me and it gave me a courage and determination to pick every stone which comes in my way because no one knows what is lying behind that stone.

Thus with above reasons and many more things still to be explored in Barmer, this city has more than enough reasons for you to visit there and have an unforgettable experience.

So if you are even 1% intrigued don’t hesitate and Book your Hotel in Barmer right now!!

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