Bikaner | A knock on the door of rustic Charm

Bikaner | A knock on the door of rustic Charm

When you think of going to Rajasthan the major cities which come to the usual mind is Jaipur, Jaisalmer or Udaipur, but guess what here we have the unsung hero in the name of Bikaner.


It is a city filled with its own unique identity and colours, which will be inevitable as soon you enter the city from its unique railway station.

So with the quest of exploring the new city in Rajasthan, I visited Bikaner and left with a big smile on my face and many reasons to visit the colourful city of Bikaner again.

1. Exotic Rampuria Havelis Bikaner

More than 100 year old these Rampuria havelis will give you a major backdrop of what the streets of Bikaner looked like in the past.

An early morning visit to these havelis will give you a much rather enchantment and the colour of these havelis will paint your eyes with the blue, golden and red colour of its Gates.

Streets of Bikaner
The silent streets of morning preparing itself for the upcoming charge.

The owner of these Havelis now lives in Kolkata but these Havelis are still alive in its royalty and charm thus showcasing the befit of the wealthy royal merchant family.

2. Say Hy! to more than 300 camels in NRCC


As soon as you put your foot in the National Research Center on Camel you will be surprised by the number of camels in front of you.

Most of them playing or fighting with each other and you will be stuck there just gazing at them.

After visiting this place you will definitely have something to show off in front of your friends.

Don’t forget to take a selfie with them.

3. Exquisite Junagadh Fort


This fort of Bikaner was constructed back in 1594 and now the whole city of Bikaner has been developed around it.

One of the most beautiful fort of India Junagadh has some of its own specialities such as Mesmerizing wall Carvings, Amazing weapon collection and Grand Diwan -e-Khas.

Junagadh Fort is like no other fort in India and has locked me by its beauty for long-lasting memory.

Amazing collection of weaponry at Junagadh Fort

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4. Walk carefully at Deshnok Temple


More than a religious visit its signifigance amongst the backpackers is because of the amount of rats in this temple.

As soon as you enter the temple the quirky little rats are running from here and there fighting among themselves or drinking milk or eating the prasad.

But walk carefully because there is a penalty if you step on these little creatures.


5. Food of Bikaner

Jalebis and Kachoris are must have in Chotu motu Joshi

If you are an Indian you probably know about the famous Bikanervala right around the next red light of your house and that Bikanervala originated from Bikaner itself.

Thus the amazing food in Bikaner can be enjoyed right from the railway station.

Crunchy Kachoris, Tasty Sharbat and luscious Rasgullas are some of the highlights.

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6. Budget Friendly

If you are a budget traveller like me then you are probably glad to read this right now but Bikaner can be easily travelled under Rs 1,200 only.

With the availability of Tuk-Tuk and cheap food everywhere, Bikaner is delight for anyone travelling under low budget.

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7. Maintaining its old Charm


The biggest reason to travel to Bikaner is the way it has stopped from getting itself commercialized like Jaipur or Udaipur.

You will still feel the scent of old Bikaner when you roll around the city.


Even a conversation with the people will show you that Bikaner hasn’t lost its charm and it will not loose it in the foreseeable future.

So with these reasons your trip to Bikaner will be a remarkable one and will leave you with your own reasons to visit here again and again.

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