Bikaner | Travel Guide under Rs 1,000

Bikaner | Travel Guide under Rs 1,000

With every beautiful place in Rajasthan being overcrowded and commercialized, here we have Bikaner a perfect place for any backpacker to enjoy Rajasthan’s beauty and it is really budget friendly too.

Here is a Travel Guide for you to experience Bikaner in its authentic and purest form.

If you are still in dilemma, there are more than 7 reasons to visit Bikaner right now.

Total Cost = Rs1,000 only
AccommodationRs 300-Rs500
Monument TicketsRs100-Rs150

Days Required : 1 or maximum 2 days depending on you.

How to Reach Bikaner

By Train: Cheap as much as Rs 250 from Delhi for a Non-Ac Train, it will directly drop you at Bikaner Railway Station under 8 hours.

Place to Stay in Bikaner

Taking the biggest headache out of your mind with a little tip.

TIP: Always try to stay at home stays at a destination.

Sourav’s home stay in Bikaner was beautiful plus he is a really great guy and know a lot about Bikaner which is unheard even on the internet.

Sourav’s Contact Number – (+91) 9166650699.

If not home stay then, Book from 94 properties in Bikaner.

Places to eat in Bikaner

1. Breakfast at Chotu Motu

A must visit place to fill your tummy in Bikaner and it will make you fall in love from the first bite of its Kachori.

Close to the Railway Station and superb for its delicious Kachori, Jalebi and Samosa(all of this at only Rs10/piece).

By the way Bikaner is famous for its Kachori so by any means you have to try it.

2. Get yourself a Free Lunch at Deshmukh Temple

Yes you hear it right!!

If you visit Deshmukh Temple before 2 o’ clock there is a free lunch served there which no one knows about.

Ask people where is Langar, but for your concern it is behind Deshkmukh Mueseum in a small pink color building and they will serve you really good food for free.

Delicious food at Deshmukh Temple.

4. Exquisite Sharbat at Chunni Laal

Wow! The water is in my mouth even when I am writing about.

From more than 15 Sharbat to choose from, Chunni Laal is the best place to get a break during your bustle inside the city.

3. Dinner at the spicy Punjabi Dhaba

You must be thinking why eat at a Punjabi Dhaba in Rajasthan?

Because of the simple fact that it is superb and cheap.

The taste of the food is so luscious that as soon as it hits your tongue you forget all of your trouble and just sit there wondering how can something be so tasty and so affordable at the same time.

Places to Visit (in pictures)

1. Rampuria Havelis

The luxurious and beautfiulhavelis sit in the main market of Bikaner and it is best visited in early morning only.

2. Junagadh Fort

3. National Research Center on Camels

There is nothing better than wathcing 300 camels fighting, playing or having fun wih each other under no restriction. This was my personal favorite in the whole city of Bikaner.

4. Deshmukh Temple (Rat Temple)

The most famous place in Bikaner.
Many know this temple as a rat temple and surely it deserve that name since there are thousands of rats running from here and there as soon as you enter in this temple.

One last advice Please Don’t Visit Lalgarh Palace and Laxmi Niwas Palace both the places are big waste of time since you can’t enter inside the palaces.

Slippery Tips for you

  • Auto Rickshaws are available everywhere in Bikaner.(but before sitting on them always ask and negotiate about the price)
  • Reach Deshmukh Temple before 2 for free lunch.
  • Don’t leave any food in your plate as it is considered as disrespectful in Bikaner.
  • Carry Student Id for additional discount on ticket prices.
  • Don’t book hotels online for more than 2 days.
  • Always smile when asking for Hitchiking.

So with this amazing Guide and driven passion of yours, you are well prepared to travel in Bikaner at shoe-string Budget.

If you are interested, you can also check out How did I solo travel in Rajasthan under Rs350/day.

If you have any queries regarding Bikaner then hit me a mail (because I generally reply to them).

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