Lucknow | An Ideal Guide to the City of Nawabs


Summary of my Journey: As I have already written a blog on the delicious food of Lucknow, which shows that food was the highlight of my journey and deeply inside me that was probably one of the reason I went on a trip to Lucknow. The Nawabi charm was too attractive for me not to … Read moreLucknow | An Ideal Guide to the City of Nawabs

Mcleodganj | Travel Guide under Rs 1,400


The spectacular view of Dauladhar, the residence of Dalai Lama and lip-smacking momos are some of the highlights of anyone’s trip who are visiting Mcledoganj. It is the recollection of amazing experiences which has compiled all the beautiful colours of backpacking into this amazing box of Pandora known as the Mcleodganj. The place has literally … Read moreMcleodganj | Travel Guide under Rs 1,400

Bikaner | Travel Guide under Rs 1,000


With every beautiful place in Rajasthan being overcrowded and commercialized, here we have Bikaner a perfect place for any backpacker to enjoy Rajasthan’s beauty and it is really budget friendly too. Here is a Travel Guide for you to experience Bikaner in its authentic and purest form. If you are still in dilemma, there are … Read moreBikaner | Travel Guide under Rs 1,000

Jodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500


Having less money in your pocket? But a big urge to travel around exotic destinations in Rajasthan.Jodhpur is the perfect destination for your Cheap Thrill in the Royalty of Rajasthan. Total Cost   Accommodation Rs 250-450 Monument Tickets Rs100- Rs200 Food Rs400- Rs600 Water Rs50 Transportation Rs100-Rs250 Cheap Places to Stay: So starting off, let’s … Read moreJodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500