Jaislamer City | Why you should skip the City tour

Jaislamer City | Why you should skip the City tour

Well with all the claims on many websites with headings like Jaisalmer Top places to visit or 7 reasons to visit Jaisalmer right now, I was also intrigued just like you to head for the city tour and at the end of it, I will say it was a waste of time.

So if you have already made your mind and don’t want to skip Jaisalmer city tour I will advise you to not read further but definitely head for Desert Safari.

Jaisalmer City was an unplanned affair for me as I was coming here from Barmer with the intentions of going to Mount Abu after Barmer, but on the way my plan changed because of all the compliments I received about Jaisalmer city which only resulted in higher expectations.

Jaisalmer City


Beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing , must visit in Rajasthan are some of the phrases I heard about Jaisalmer which only resulted in dissapointing me even more after my trip.

Jaisalmer is only 2 hours away from Barmer and as soon as you reach here it will definitely serve you with its golden color as all the houses and shops are coloured with golden colour.

It is a small city which can easily be covered by foot and under 2-3 hours only.(yes! the phase of disappointment starts)

Why skip the city tour

1. Overcrowding, overcrowding and overcrowding!!

The biggest of all the reasons is the overcrowding in Jaisalmer. Wherever you go you will find people(apart from Thar Desert of course!!). But since the city is so small and receives a major chunk of tourists coming to Rajasthan, it can sometimes be filled with too much crowd.

2. Unappealing Jaisalmer Fort


This might be a controversial-one but Jaisalmer Fort especially the inside of it is not that attractive mainly because of the people living inside it(more than 300 residencies). But more than people it is filled with market and shops which has resulted in losing its touch and every place you go you will find one rooftop restaurant promising authentic Jaisalmer food.

Inside the fort you have Jain temple, Patwa Ki haveli and Salim Singh ki Haveli but rather than enjoying the architecture you will be pushed and pulled from one side to other which resulted in me disgusted by the number of people surrounding me all the time.

3. Gadasar Lake is not that mesmerizing


Well you must be asking me question How is this supposed to be true? we have seen pictures of it.

Well you have been fooled and I am guilty of taking part in that. A lake which is not that big, not so peaceful, overcrowded(again!) , nothing attractive in comparison to other lakes of Rajasthan.

So Gadasar Lake gave me no joy even though I am a lake person and sitting beside them are my favourite thing to do in any city.

4. No sense of Thrill or Exploration

This is more of a personal taste but Jaisalmer City tour gave me nothing in terms of memorable experience because there is nothing to explore around and nothing to be adventurous about, both of the things which I love to do was nowhere to see around.

5. Don’t get fooled by pictures


Yes you heard it right don’t get fooled by the delightful pictures of Jaisalmer on internet or even on my blog. It does not show the reality of it and it never tells the real story about what Jaisalmer is going through. And you never know that photo maybe taken after half an hour of struggle through the crowd.

So for the above reasons my city tour of Golden City of Rajasthan – Jaisalmer was not memorable in any sense.


But guess what I wasn’t left with bitter memory since I went for Desert Safari in Sam Sand Dunes which should not be skipped if you are going to Jaisalmer.

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