13 Travel Tips: Relaxing in the lap of Jibhi Valley

13 Travel Tips: Relaxing in the lap of Jibhi Valley

Filled with wooden houses, lovely people, and mesmerizing river- Jibhi is an amazing destination for a relaxing getaway from your usual life. It has been seamlessly tucked between the high peaks of Himachal which makes it a sight to be captured. A place which has been less visited by the usual traveler/tourists thus makes it even more special since you feel privileged to receive its warm welcome hug, drawing an unparalleled experience during your stay in Jibhi Himachal Pradesh.

My journey in Jibhi was spectacular but I could stay there for only 2 days which makes me felt unsatisfied because it is the only place where I visited and felt like now its time to relax and just enjoy the things you are surrounded by, which I ended up doing.

But before going to Jibhi I was researching over the internet but I couldn’t find much information regarding accommodation or peek into its beauty. So I decided to gather some of the most important notes from my journey and curate 13 travel tips for you to give a peek into the mesmerizing valley of Jibhi.

1. Keep your Patience while Traveling towards Jibhi

Tiring and boring bus journeys towards Jibhi

Traveling to Jibhi from Delhi is no easy task since you have to change at least 3 buses if you are on a budget trip like me.

Before going ahead let’s answer your biggest question that how to Reach Jibhi?

From Delhi you have to take a bus to Aut(tickets can be purchased offile from Kashmiri Gate bus stand) from Aut you have to take a bus to Banjar and from Banjar valley, you will take a bus to Jibhi. Now depending upon your luck you will reach Jibhi in 15 hours. But if you are unlucky it can be stretched up to 18-20 hours since buses from Aut to Banjar and then to Jibhi have different frequencies.

If you are not on a budget trip then take a cab from Aut to Jibhi it will cost you around 1200 to 1500.

2. Always Stay in a Homestay

View of Mountains from the garden of Rock top inn

Jibhi is heaven for anyone who likes homestays because the valley is filled with homestays right from the main valley to 3-4 kilometers upward in isolated and offbeat areas. All of the homestays are amazing in Jibhi and if you have never stayed in a homestay this is a perfect place to try.

Some of the Homestays in Jibhi have amazing accommodation facility like Rock Top Inn. It is situated in the main valley beside the river and has all the comfort you need including a wooden clean room, extra blankets for chilling winter nights and their own small pool. They even have a very big garden area for people who are feeling lazy and don’t want to roam around so much.

Book your stay at Rock top Inn right now from Booking.com since they are cheap and reliable and you might get a big discount just like I booked my stay for 400 Rs for 2 person.

Rock top Inn with the most amazing hosts

But there is a cache especially during the months from March to June since the no. of tourist increase extensively in Jibhi during these 2 months and the no. of Homestays are quite less, the accommodation options get a little thin and you can be stuck there without any place to stay. To avoid this, Book your accommodation right now in Jibhi by choosing from 24 other properties.

3. There is no best time to visit Jibhi


First of all there is no best time to visit Jibhi as claimed by many. Since I went to Jibhi in January end which is never considered as the best time to visit because it’s biggest attraction which are paddy fields and green Mountains are on their full bloom during Summer season only.

But during winters the snow takes over and the rustic beauty of Jibhi is at its peak which can be enjoyed from November to February. Additionally, during this season the whole valley will be yours to enjoy because the no. of visitors decrease substantially during winters.

4. Food won’t be expensive in Jibhi

Yes! you heard it right. Food is not expensive in Jibhi. Apart from being expensive it is really cheap and very tasty especially Parantha with chai which will cost you only Rs 40. So there is no need to loose your money on food which you can rather use on Booking an amazing Homestay with great view of Valley.

There are many options in Banjar valley, so if you are waiting for your bus towards Jibhi take a stroll around Banjar and fill your stomach at shoestring cost.

5. Don’t forget to carry your camera with you!

Wether it is a mobile phone, dslr or a point and shoot don’t forget to carry it along with you since Jibhi is a place as defined earlier that it has been perfectly tucked between the peaks of Himalayas which makes it perfect for any photography lover to capture this valley and it might give you your perfect postcard picture.

So take out extra time while staying in Jibhi just to click amazing pictures of its wooden houses or breathtaking views. Below are some of the pictures clicked by me.


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6. Definitely visit Jalori Pass

This is the biggest regret in my trip that I don’t want to happen with you so definitely take out a day to visit Jalori pass since it is only 12 km away from Jibhi and it has some of the most fantastic meadows with mesmerizing view of shimmering lake hidden in the oak forests.

You can easily drive to Jalori Pass as the roads are in great condition. From November 1st week, it starts snowing there. Don’t forget to visit the offbeat Serolsar lake which is a 5km trek inside the Jungle.

Be careful if the snow has hardened on the way because it becomes a lot slippery for driving on it.

HRTC buses commute between Banjar and Jalori Pass and the last bus timing is 3 pm so plan your return from the Sarehul accordingly. There are dhabas where the vehicle stops and one of the dhaba serves tasty Kadi Chawal.

7. Respect the Jibhi Valley

The beautiful day after the night of snowfall

If you are visiting anywhere you should respect its tradition and culture which also applies to if you are visiting Jibhi since the people of Jibhi is trying so hard to conserve its beauty and you should not come in their way. So keep the valley clean as much as you can and respect people’s houses which means don’t try to break in anyone’s house as much as attractive it is for a photograph.

Clean your homestays too before leaving your room because the owners are generally nice and they have helped us enough to welcome us in their house in such a beautiful place for a rearkable memory.

8. Check the weather on Google if you want to experience snow

Plan your visit according to your weather choices

If you are visiting Jibhi during winters you also expect just like everyone do to experience snow fall or just a glimpse of snow. But to experience snow in Jibhi you have to plan your trip according to google weather report and trust on it because it is the closest way to predict the weather in Jibhi. Like I visited Jibhi after 1 day of snowfall because of which I experienced snow at its peak in Jibhi.

And on my way back to Banjar I experienced light snowfall for the first time in my life.

9. Visit Chaini Kothi and Shringa Rishi Temple

Both are 7-8 km away from Jibhi and by foot it takes you about 4 hours to reach to Chaini Kothi which will give you the 360 degree view of the mountains alongside it shoulder by shoulder. The Shringa Rishi Temple is on the way to Chaini Kothi and the strenuous trek starts from here only which will be approximately half an hour.

When you go towards Banjar from Jibhi there is a little diversion uphill which goes towards both of these places and from that point its only 4 km away which can be easily covered by foot only.

Chaini fort and village has been developed by the influence of chinese architecture which is noticeable as soon as you visit here. You can reach

10. Waterfall hiding inside the forest

Visit the beautiful waterfall in Jibhi which is only 1 km away from main valley. It is quite unknown but the way towards it has been properly built by the people of Jibhi. It is inside a little forest and quite unknown among the tourists visiting here.

Beautiful at first glimpse only the water dropping from the height 30 meters inside a little forest which will make you remember fairy tales of childhood. You will be left standing looking at the waterfall.

Walk to the lake through these tiny bridges and grow the child inside you

11. Carry adequate clothes

If you are visiting Jibhi in winters then carry alot of layering since the temprature at night drops to -7 degrees and if there will be no heater then jackets are your biggest lifeline which will keep you warm.

Essential clothing items are Gloves, Caps, Shawl or Muffler, Jackets, Warmer for the whole body, and another essential winter layering available at you.

12. People of Jibhi

My host’s child being my guide in the unknown world of Jibhi

There is nothing which will stop falling in love with the people of Jibhi so the biggest tip is to always try and talk to the People of Jibhi they have many interesting stories like my homestay owner has seen Tigers for 3-4 times and has been froze to death but only a miracle saved him. So always try and talk to them even if you need help because they are lovely people and they will welcome you openly for any conversation with them.

13. Jibhi is a place to relax and unwind


As written in the title and my biggest tip for you is that Jibhi is not a adventure paradise or fast traveling destination it is best suited for a person who wants to escape from his/her daily routine of hustling the city life and getting stressed by it. Jibhi is nothing less than a magical place which will make you unwind all your problems and clean your head inside out thus book a homestay and forget yourself in the magic of Jibhi.

So forget all your problems in life and order a chai in Jibhi Valley for an amazing and unforgettable experience of your life.

By the way, if you are planning to visit Kasol then there is a hidden gem right into the valley, the place is known as Rasol which is probably one of my favorite place in Parvati Valley, so if you are interested then check out my Rasol travel journey.

If you have any query regarding Jibhi then drop me a message, I will sort your query out.

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