Jodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500

Jodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500

Having less money in your pocket? But a big urge to travel around exotic destinations in Rajasthan.
Jodhpur is the perfect destination for your Cheap Thrill in the Royalty of Rajasthan.

Total Cost 
AccommodationRs 250-450
Monument TicketsRs100- Rs200
FoodRs400- Rs600

Cheap Places to Stay:

So starting off, let’s take the biggest headache out for any Budget Backpacker that is Place to Stay.

All of the above hostels are at prime locations and very close to the below places to visit.

Click here If you want to book from other 355 properties in Jodhpur. 

How to roam Inside the city?

  • Jodhpur for me will be the cheapest city to roam inside since it has a golden service of city buses present at most of the prime locations.
  • Hitchhiking is a great option for you as I felt the city was safe and connected well enough to Hitchhike around the city.
  • Ola Bikes are another option to roam inside the city. They are cheap, trustable and available anywhere you want to go around Jodhpur.
  • Rental Cars are another good option for you to travel to Jodhpur as the city is vast and best covered with a rental car.

For renting a car the best option to go for is Zoomcar, reliable and cheap compared to other options in the market.

Places to visit in Jodhpur

Clock Tower

Clock-tower-jodhpurStart early Morning around 7 or 8 o’ clock to skip most of the city crowd and reach the famous Clock Tower or “Ghanta Ghar” of Jodhpur. The beautiful Clocktower sitting right in the Middle of city functioning as a heart for the famous Bazaar.

Around the Clocktower, you will get ample of options for your Breakfast.

Next, from the clock tower, you have to reach Blue City of Jodhpur or “Nauchokiya”. You can reach here either by an Auto costing you Rs20/- or you can hitchhike till there.

Tip #1: Hitchhiking will be the easiest on a straight road towards your destination. So search on google maps and reach that road from where your destination will be straight. Make an innocent face with a smile and you will reach your Destination for free! Hurray.

Blue City of Jodhpur

Blue-city-JodhpurNow forget everything and get yourself lost in the blue colour of Jodhpur. With beautiful buildings painted by blue colour, here you can click as many as pics you want to but don’t fill your Gallery as of yet.

Padamasar and Ranisar

Padmasar and Ranisar

Search for 2 hidden spots Padamasar and Ranisar (ask anyone they will tell you). These are the lakes where Kings and Queen’s bath themselves and they are certainly massive for anyone’s bath area.

Pachetia Hill

The Grand Mehrangarh overlooking Blue CIty

Reach Pachetia Hill to see an amazing view of Jodhpur. This place is delight for a photographer to click the amazing picture of Jodhpur Fort overlooking the Blue city.

Tip #2: Don’t search on your Map how to reach from one place to other inside the blue city. Best guide for you are the people of Jodhpur ask anyone and he/she will guide you.

Mehrangarh Fort

Golden Galleries of Mehrangarh Fort

From Pachetia Hill there is a hidden way towards Mehrangarh again you have to ask people for that and you will reach the grand Mehrangarh Fort.

Giant walls and Ruthless architecture is what Mehrangarh fort is famous for.

Tip #3: Always carry your student ID with you, you may not know how much discount you can get in monuments or restaurants.

Ziplining is a famous activity in the Mehrangarh Fort, Try it if you wish to as Nilu tried it read her experience.

Jaswant Thada

Mesmerizing Architecture of Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada, very close to Mehrangarh Fort you can reach here by walking or take an Auto for Rs10/-. It is a beautiful Architecture with a  Statue of Maharana Pratap pointing towards Mehrangarh Fort.

Mandore Gardens

Most Underrated place in Jodhpur – Mandore Garden

The most alluring place in whole Jodhpur is Mandore Gardens which has spectacular architecture combined with the ruined Mandore Fort giving you a merger of happiness.

Kaylana Lake

Sunset at Kaylana Lake

An artificial lake which is a lifeline for the people of Jodhpur because from here only the water supplies to the city of Jodhpur. A peaceful lake and sitting here during sunset is the best thing to do in Jodhpur.

Things to Eat in Jodhpur

food-jodhpurLip smacking Alloo Paratha, Crunchy and tangy Kachoris with spicy madula and Mirchi pakoda are some of the Highlights of the food in Jodhpur. The highlight of my Jodhpur journey was the street food in Jodhpur at such a low cost. 

Well I solely relied on street food of Jodhpur for my cravings but I will advise you not to do that. Check out here and choose from 25 restaurants in Jodhpur.

Slippery Tips For You 

  • Hitchhiking is the best mode of transportation to roam inside the city and it is safe in Jodhpur.
  • Don’t Spend too much Money on Food as in Jodhpur you will get ample of options at reasonable cost you just have to ask the Tuk-tuk Drivers.
  • Try to save Money on Accommodation by regularly checking on any Booking app you use.
  • Carry your own Water Bottles for saving money on water because if you will ask anyone they will refill your bottle for free and for not littering the place.
  • If taking Tuk-Tuk for your transportation always try to Bargain as they will charge you a lot because of your appearance as a Tourist.
  • Put halt into your journey and take some time out to talk to Locals for any problem or dilemma you are facing.

There are some places in life where you can only go alone. Embrace the beauty of your solo journey. — Mandy Hale

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