Jodhpur | Diving alone into the Blue pit of Rajasthan

Jodhpur | Diving alone into the Blue pit of Rajasthan

Mehrangarh Fort, Crunchy Kachoris and 260 Rs are some of the highlights of my travel tale of Jodhpur as I hustled my way around the Blue City of Rajasthan under Rs 260 only and carrying with me some of the most remarkable backpacking memoirs of my life.

Before diving into my story I will like to let you know that I was on a big solo trip to Rajasthan carrying only Rs 3,000. With many destinations to cover my budget for every place was tight and low, thus I wanted to avoid the touristic Destinations like Jodhpur but after backpacking here, my mind completely changed as I spent only Rs 260 and found Jodhpur to be one of the best places to travel in Rajasthan.


Jodhpur Travel Story

With no money for accommodation and last minute cancellation from host I arrived in Jodhpur from Khimsar at 8 o’ clock in Night.

Constantly reminding me not to panic, I requested some Hostels for a free stay and what a beautiful country I am living in since I had to request only 4 of them and the last one allowed me.

How I coped with Hunger?

If you read above then you already know I hustled through free accommodation in Jodhpur, after which the biggest question must be How did I cope with food?

So after a restless party and relaxed sleep, I started my early morning with a bite of Prantha and Maduli(local dish) costing me only 40 Rs which filled me enough to kickstart my journey.

For my Lunch, I got really lucky because as I was hitchhiking, the person who gave me lift started asking about me and after hearing my travel stories he got really impressed and offered me free lunch. I really love my country citizens!

After Lunch you need some snacks and for that Jodhpur is a heaven with more than 5 types of Kachoris(each of them for 10 Rs) you will never be out of option for food.

By the way, I went on a 10- day solo trip in Rajasthan so if you are interested, then check out How did I solo travel in Rajasthan under Rs350/day.

How to roam inside the city?

Another thing which absorbs a lot of budget but I eliminated this by 3 methods which are Hitchhiking, Hitchhiking and Hitchhiking!!

From eating free lunch to meeting a famous Rajasthani Singer, hitchhiking in Jodhpur gave me most of my memorable things.

And yes it is safe to Hitchhike in Jodhpur.

Places which makes we want to revisit Jodhpur

1. Mehrangarh Fort


From its architecture to its history Mehrangarh is grand in every sense.

With giant walls and complete view of the city, you will get the sense of what it would have been like during the times of King and Queens as they looked over the whole city from this amazing fort.

If you want to know complete information about Mehrangarh visit here.

2. Blue City/Nauchaukiya


The most famous part of this city is its the area filled with Blue colour also known as Blue City or Nauchaukiya.

With each step the density of the culture of jodhpur increases and after some point of time you will be surrounded completely by the blue houses.

These buildings seems like kissing each other and standing shoulder by shoulder trying to survive in this modern era of commercialization.

3. Mandore Gardens


Hands down the most under rated place in whole city.

With beautiful carvings on tombs of Mewar kings and ruined Mandore Fort will definitely be worth of every second you will be here and guess what is the best part you can enter here for Free!!

What I loved about the Blue City of Rajasthan

1. People of Jodhpur

Well this is obvious by now that people of Jodhpur are amazing. They were angel for me in every situation whether I wanted to go somewhere or eat some things.

2. Kachoris of Jodhpur

When you are confused which Kachori to eat, at that exact moment you know what an amazing place you have visited. More than 5 of the signature Kachoris and cheap as much as Rs 10 only you will never be out of options.

3. Budget Friendly Nature

Well travelling in Rs 260 is unimaginable right? I did it without any problem and I have seen every place in Jodhpur and ate every famous dishes and eventually I partied also for 2 nights.

If 260 seems impossible then Here is a Travel guide to complete Jodhpur under Rs 1,5000.

More than just being cheeky or smart this trip taught me that whatever the situation is people are always ready to help, you just have to ask.

Want to know where I headed next after Jodhpur? Barmer was my next destination.

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