Lucknow | An Ideal Guide to the City of Nawabs

Lucknow | An Ideal Guide to the City of Nawabs

Summary of my Journey: As I have already written a blog on the delicious food of Lucknow, which shows that food was the highlight of my journey and deeply inside me that was probably one of the reason I went on a trip to Lucknow. The Nawabi charm was too attractive for me not to pack my bag and hop on a second class ticket to carry me to Nawabon Ka Sahar.

Nawabon Ka Sahar as defined by many, the city of Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and indeed it was, infra-structurally superb than other cities of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is not much of a hyped around place to visit in Uttar Pradesh as compared to Agra, Banaras, Mathura, Allahabad etc. Even its signature image of being the city of Nawabs has not been able to attract lots of tourists but as I moved ahead in the city I found it uniquely impressive, especially the tehzeeb in the locals of Lucknow and the food they serve.

Why you should visit Lucknow

The biggest reason which I can’t stop talking about is the food of Lucknow, so if you are even a little bit enthusiastic about the food then you must visit the city because the food here is heavenly. Apart from the food, historical sightseeing is good enough for any history lover to go around and walk along the unique architecture of Imambara and Baolis. I found one thing amusing about Lucknow that the sheer no. of parks in this city is massive and one should visit at least one of them.

Now after talking about reasons you should visit Lucknow, I will give you some of the negatives about the city.

Chaos and noise pollution was all around the famous spots in the city which may give headache to some people who is expecting it to be quiet destination. The poor service of commuting all around the city adds no benefit to a travelers experience and the new addition of metro doesn’t improve anything since the metro is not spread enough to be traveled throughout the city. In the end, it is essentially a city and a person already living in the urban areas wouldn’t enjoy it as much they think they will.

How to reach Lucknow city

I went to Lucknow from Delhi so I can only give you a brief about how to reach Lucknow from Delhi.

So the best way to reach Lucknow if you are on a tight budget like me is through Train, the varied budget option for Train to Lucknow is superb and there are more than 10 trains who go to Lucknow from Delhi. My 2nd Class general ticket costed me only Rs 170, which is probably a bit risky way to travel since the seat is not reserved and you may have to stand whole night. The sleeper class ticket is only Rs 265 for Lucknow Mail which is just the cheapest and one of the best-valued way to travel to Lucknow. An 8-hour journey will drop you to the city of Nawabs.

Flights to Lucknow sometimes only cost Rs 1,200 which is the best way to travel if you are time constrained. And the last option to reach Lucknow is through Bus, which will cost you anything around 500-800 and will take about 7-10 hours of journey to reach the main city.

How to roam inside the city


After ranting of poor communication inside the city, I will give you a little tip here that Auto-rickshaws are the cells of Lucknow which helps to keep the city alive and they are cheap too, you just have to be smart and patient to choose the sharing auto-rickshaws to move inside the city. And one more tip while choosing the Autos, always go for Green ones since they are more cheaper than the yellow ones.

So by commuting through sharing autos, you will save yourself tones of money. By the way, Ola and Uber cabs have also been introduced in the city so from Lucknow Airport these 2 are the cheapest way to visit anywhere in Lucknow. And from the Railway station you will have tones of Auto-Rickshaws going all around the city.

Last thing, don’t ever take buses of Lucknow because they are more expensive than autos and they will wait for probably half-an hour before moving ahead.

What are the places to stay in Lucknow

As I personally was residing at my relatives house, I can’t give you my personal opinion about the places to stay. But after crawling through the internet I found below options good enough for anyone visiting there.

Choose from other 354 properties to book for a stay in Lucknow.

Which are the best places to visit in Lucknow

Bara Imambara, Asfi Mosque, Bhul Bhulaiya and Baoli

Vibrancy inside the galleries of Bara Imambara is absolutely breathtaking

It is quite obvious why this place is most famous in Lucknow, the unique architecture it supports is an amaze to gaze towards and not only from outside the bara imambara is even more beautiful from inside, throwing colors at your eyes from all of its corners. Composing one of the unique architecture which I have seen nowhere else in India. It was built in 1784 by Asaf-Ud-Daula.

The whole complex of Bara Imambara has many places to visit like Asfi Mosque, Bhul Bhulaiya, Baoli.

I am going to share one of my incidents where I didn’t went to Bhul Bhulaiya because there are no Girls and Boys allowed with each other without a guide for whom you have to pay Rs 100, I don’t know who chose this rule and for what reason, the rule is so strict that not even brother-sister or dad-daughter can enter the Bhul Bhulaiya together without a guide. So please be aware of the rules before going to Bhul Bhulaiya and Baoli.

Asfi Mosque
Insides of the Baoli

Rumi Darwaja, Picture gallery, Clock Tower and step-well

Rumi Darwaja

Rumi darwaja is a beautiful gate which separates the city of Lucknow in the most beautiful way possible, the road goes inside the Darwaja and the best thing about it, is that it is beautiful and unique from both sides where you look at it.

After travelling the whole Bara Imambara complex you will visit the picture gallery through Rumi Darwaja only and you will have to walk for only 5 minutes to reach picture gallery, it has a beautiful collection of paintings of Awadh Rulers.

The clock tower and step-well are on the way only so you can see both of them on your way towards picture gallery only.

Giant Step-well

Chota Imambara

Chota Imambara

Not exactly what it sounds like, although the size is small than the Bara Imambara but the beauty is even greater, and the whole complex will give you a sense of calmness while walking around it. The exquisite carving on its walls and then inside you have different splash of colors all over you while you walk inside the whole place.

Come here by walking straight from Bara Imambara through the picture gallery and the whole walk is for about 10 mins. You should not take pictures inside the Imambara as it is not respectful to the traditions while on the contrary people are used to doing this, but please don’t.

Repainting the walls of chota Imambara

Ambedkar Park

One of the attraction inside Ambedkar Park

A giant concrete park which showcases the grand vision of Ambedkar, the whole area is beautiful with some of the best places for a view to watch sunset in Lucknow. The whole park will take you at least 2 hours to walk all around the area and see everything in it, which includes the massive statues of 48 elephants. On a lucky day you might encounter a beautiful weather and have some of the best pictures in the city of Lucknow.

Other places which you can also visit are Janeshwar Mishra Park, Lohiya Park, and Gomti Riverfront(recommended).

Which are the best things to eat in Lucknow


Coming now on my favorite section which is about the lip-smacking food about Lucknow. So starting out with Tunday kebabs which are probably one of the best thing to eat in Lucknow, the melting kebabs are only found for 20 rupees a plate for a heavenly taste in your mouth right after the first bite and truly defining the sentence “Muskuraiye, Aap Lucknow mein hai”.

Apart from famous Tunday Kebabs you can also eat things like Basket chaat, Mutton Nahari and Lucknowi Paan.

If you want more information regarding places to eat then visit my blog about the Best places to eat in Lucknow.

In the end, I will only say that visiting Lucknow has a different feel about it. The nawabi accent, impeccable gigantic parks, scrumptious food, and unique charm, it all culminates for one of the most different experience while backpacking in Lucknow.

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