Mcleodganj | Travel Guide under Rs 1,400

Mcleodganj | Travel Guide under Rs 1,400

The spectacular view of Dauladhar, the residence of Dalai Lama and lip-smacking momos are some of the highlights of anyone’s trip who are visiting Mcledoganj. It is the recollection of amazing experiences which has compiled all the beautiful colours of backpacking into this amazing box of Pandora known as the Mcleodganj. The place has literally everything to offer for everyone. It is a never-ending exploration, which has its own different vibe in comparison to other places in Himachal Pradesh.

This Guide will take you on a fantastic journey in which you will go on a trek to Triund and visit the Residence of Dalai lama, in process answering all your queries regarding places to stay, places to visit and things to eat when you visit the beautiful land of Mcleodganj.

Note: This guide does not include the cost of reaching mcledoganj from your city.

Total Cost
Accommodation(including tent cost in Triund)Rs 400 – Rs 600
FoodRs 400 – Rs 600
TransportationRs 100 – Rs 200

A little bit about Mcleodganj

It is situated at an elevation of about 2080 metres in the lap of legendary Dhauladhar Ranges within Kangra District in Himachal Pradesh known as “Little Lhasa” or “Dhasa” is a residence to his holiness Dalai Lama. It is populated mostly by the inhabitants from Tibet and the local Himachalies searching for a place to work.

Right after you put your feet in the land of Mcleodganj you will get a sense of its holiness and peace. From your first breath of its raw natural breeze, you exhale all of your stress and tension and relieve yourself to the legendary holy spirit of Mcleodganj.

The town is a bit more rusty in comparison to Dharamshala, and it is definitely a must visit place if someone is visiting Dharamshala.

How to Reach

Bus is the most feasible option to reach Mcledoganj since the nearest railway station is Pathankot Railway Station is 90 km away.

There are many bus options available from Delhi, you can board HRTC buses from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. It will cost you around 700 for an ordinary bus. Volvo options are provided by Himachal government, and it will cost you around Rs 1500. But the private Volvo buses are also available, and the cost is significantly low in comparison to government service.

An overnight journey is the best option and you will reach Mcleodganj in 12-15 hours.

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Best time to Visit

April to June is the most amazing time to visit Mcleodganj but during this time the overcrowding takes over especially in the month of May and June. Avoid overcrowding by visiting during April only.

Don’t visit Mcledoganj during monsoon seasons since the roads towards Mcledoganj become dangerous.

In winters, the snowfall starts from early January but if you want to catch a glimpse of snowfall in December then visit Triund hill in Mcleodganj.

Places to stay

What a delightful city in terms of accommodation, with more than 82 properties to chose from you will never be confused about where to chose from in your budget. But still, people do get confused so we have compiled some awesome budget options to pick out of the bunch.

Choose from other 82 properties in Mcleodganj, if you don’t like the above options.

Must visit places


The beautiful Triund campsite ready to serve you with its tranquility and resurgence.

Imperial among the beginner’s trek, Triund is the bargain destination which is captivating for any traveller strolling in the lap of legendary Dauladhar. This is a destination which welcomes anyone who visits Mcleodganj since it is only 10 km away from Dharamkot and is an easy trek which can be covered by everyone and once you visit the site it is a jaw-dropping moment since it a big field of grass and rocks on the foot of Dauladhar.

Camping in Triund for a night is must, since the stargazing is the biggest attraction here and the cost of tent will be 200-300 per person. A lush green valley situated in the foot of Dauladhar Ranges – Triund is beautifully carved by the gods of Himalaya to feel the coziness of Dauladhar. The most beautiful experience of my journey was trek to Triund which is just a 10 km hike from Dharamkot, cutting through the beautiful oak forest and the enchanting view of the valley you reach Triund in 3-4 hours.

Watching the sunset, Stargazing, Clicking pictures or just absorbing its tranquillity make Triund a must go place while on your trip to Mcleodganj.

Want to know more about Triund? Read about it here Triund | A beginner’s Delight.

If you want to know complete information regarding Triund then come here.

Naddi View Point

Mountain Views from Naddi VIew Point

This picture defines everything that Naddi has to offer, from the magnified view of Dauladhar peaks to the beautiful sunset going behind the ranges of Dauladhar. It is beautiful in every sense and here you will get ample eating joints which will sell biscuits, maggi, momos and even paranthas at a somewhat cheaper price.

Approximately an hour walking distance or 20-30 min drive will get you to the Naddi Village. As soon as you set your foot here you will be served by the grand and magnetic view of the peaks of legendary Dhauladhar Ranges. There are several chai points and eating stations here with variation from momos to a plate of cheese omelette.

As the sun was setting, we were served by the biggest attraction of this place which is watching a sunset from the viewpoint where sun started shying away from all the people beneath the ranges of Dauladhar.

If you reach here early you can visit one more attraction which is Naddi river about 5 km. away.

Namgyal Monastery


Namgyal Monastery also referred as “Dalai Lama’s Temple” is situated in Mcleodganj consisting of up to 200 monks to the present day.

With a beautiful entrance, you enter into this holy temple of Dalai Lama with calmness and monks surrounding you. One can stroll around the residence area for monks to the beautiful Buddhist sculpture all around the monastery.

In early mornings you can come here to do meditation with many others. While at night around 8 o’ clock you can be allured by the presence of Dalai Lama with his fellow monks, doing their routine prayers and discussion. Both are must-do activities in Namgyal Monastery.

St. John’s Church in the Wilderness

ST. John’s Church the WIlderness

With its neo-gothic architecture and the location between the forests of Mcleodganj, you can definitely see the stroll of time it has survived. Built-in 1852 and again refurbished in 1913 this church is also a memorial ground for James Bruce(Viceroy of India).

This church is beautiful in its own sense unlike other churches with it’s the rustic black colour to the colourful windows inside the church and the presence of Deodar forest around it which hosts you, unlike any other church.

It is very close to Mcleodganj, so close that it is at a comfortable walking distance from Mcleodganj.

Where to eat

The first thing you can do in Mcleodganj is to grab a plate of momos which is the most famous thing to eat in Mcleodganj and there are many available on the main chowk, so quickly have a plate of Momos and start searching for cheap hotels and accommodation available in Mcleodganj.

  • Jimmy’s Italian Cafe
  • Clay Oven (beautiful cafe for your date)
  • Shiva Cafe
  • Tibet Kitchen (for an amazing lunch at an affordable cost)
  • Norling Restaurant (best Thukpa in Mcleodganj)

Reasons To Visit Mcleodganj

Sunset from Naddi View point
  • Beautiful Dhauladhar and Monasteries: If you are reading this then you already know which is one of the main reasons to visit Mcleodganj which is its surreal Dhauladhar ranges and monasteries which you can delve into.
  • Tibet culture: Mcleodganj is a great place to get a peek into the culture and lifestyle of Tibetan people.
  • Flexibility: Mcleodganj is a destination which is perfectly carved by the gods for any type of person you are. A great destination for all kinds of travellers around the world from solo to group traveller; family to couple traveller; old to young; fun to peace-seeking traveller.
  • Affability: Apart from amazing peaks and beautiful monasteries the biggest reason to visit Mcleodganj is that of its people. The folks of Mcleodganj the most lovely and friendly people which will help you with anything.
  • Affordability: Mcleodganj is one of those places which can be explored by anyone with a cheap budget. Like I did it under Rs 3100.
  • Safety for female travellers: Mcleodganj is perfectly safe for every person coming here especially the female and their fellow travellers. The biggest example of this was when I was coming back from Naddi viewpoint by foot and it was around 7:30 PM the sky was pitch black and I started getting worried as living in a city like Delhi gives you. When the next car came I just casually put up my hand up in the air and the car stopped inviting to hitchhike with them till Mcleodganj and guess who those people were from, Delhi.
  • Adventure activities: Mcleodganj is a base for many amazing treks like Triund trek and Kareri Lake trek.

Slippery Tips for you

  • Hitchhiking is a great option to save your money on transportation.
  • Book Hotels/Hostels early since you can’t be sure about the last-minute price hike.
  • If you are here to do shopping, then you have to spend some real money since it is not a cheap place to do shopping.
  • If you are here for a long period of time then visit Dharamkot, it is a quaint small village just 2 km away from Mcleodganj.
  • Don’t visit here during weekends if you love tranquillity and peace because it will be nowhere to found during weekends.

Now forget everything and start planning your trip right now to enjoy some real peace in the mist of Dauladhar with delicious food and amazing people of Mcleodganj. Happy Travels!!

By the way, if you are planning to visit Kasol then there is a hidden gem right into the valley, the place is known as Rasol which is probably one of my favorite place in Parvati Valley, so if you are interested then check out my Rasol travel journey.

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