Munabao | Exploring the Last Railway station of India

Munabao | Exploring the Last Railway station of India

With rich historical significance and suspenseful stories, Munabao gave enough vibration to my exploration bud to backpack and catch the train from Barmer to Munabao.

Munabao Railway Station

How to Reach Munabao

By Train:-

  • Barmer- Munabao: Catch Train no. 54881 which goes towards Munabao from platform no. 3 of Barmer Railway Station. It leaves at 7:30 and will reach Munabao by 9:40. Tickets can be purchased from Barmer railway station and will cost you Rs 30/person.
  • Munabao – Barmer: Train no. 54881 itself return towards Barmer. It leaves from Munabao Railway station at 10:30. Tickets can be purchased from Munabao Railway Station.
Barmer-Munabao Express lifeline for the villagers.

If you are in Jaisalmer you can reach Munabao by road.


As soon as you put feet on this renowned railway station of Munabao, a breeze of history will stimulate you.

The history in those tracks, running through the decades is unheard of.

It was built in 1965 to serve Maharajas for their salt trade with cities of Rajasthan.

Currently, it helps the local farmers and residents of these far-flung villages to come towards the city for their occupational purposes.

Munabao Railway station is the last railway station of India and serves as a border station to legendary Thar Express.

On 9th September 1971, 2 trains on this railway tracks collided with each other producing a big accident in which 45 soldiers died. Thus every year on 9th September the train ticket(Barmer-Munabao) is free of cost to give remembrance to the victims.

Life in Munabao Village

Before 1999, there was no fencing between India and Pakistan near Munabao and the people used to get married each other from India and Pakistan, there was no dispute and the life was peaceful and happy.

Villagers coming back from Barmer

But suddenly, as told by a chai-wala “Government announced that there will be fencing and whoever wants to Migrate towards Pakistan they have duration of only one night” which resulted in Migration of approx. 70% of the Muslim population from Munabao and it’s surrounding villages.

Age old friendships were broken, brothers can’t meet their married sisters and the major problems were faced by residents after the 1999 fencing.

Due to sensitivity (or a created image) of this area, people are not allowed to leave the village after 5 o’ clock in evening and they can’t even think of going towards fencing even if their goats run away, as told by people of Munabao.


After hearing about the issues faced by the villagers, I was only left with some unanswered question that what purpose are these fencing and protection serving? Do people of Munabao are happy because of this? Weren’t these people happy before this?

So my 45 mins. affair with Munabao ended with lots of thoughts and many unanswered questions.

Slippery Tips For you

  • Always carry a residence ID as the police might ask for your Identification and purpose.
  • Carry a face mask as the return journey is full of dust. (most important)
  • If you want to then only go towards Birder but be careful, window of time is only 45 mins.
  • As soon as you reach start talking to people and exploring because there is not much time for you.

Holocaust, partition and burning of homes, 
Green pastures and forest reserve in flames, 
Not sparing nature and still more blames, 
Is it deliberate attempt to play dirty games?

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