My most memorable stay at a Gurudwara in Rajasthan

My most memorable stay at a Gurudwara in Rajasthan

About the trip: This trip was planned absolutely randomly, to a village town of Rajasthan named as Mandawa. The town is known as a place of 1000 Havelis, which was true. But after roaming around from one Haveli to others, I suddenly realized that this place is not meant for me. The whole town has been slowly turned into a commercial hub for providing an authentic-Rajasthan experience for all the western tourists.

With no new experience to share, I thought why shouldn’t I just share about one of my most memorable stay at a Gurudwara in a small district of Churu. This will probably be a more romanticized article about my love for travel and the people I meet while roaming around aimlessly.

I used to get excited after hearing stories about the people’s stay at a Gurudwara, but never got the chance to complete this fascination which has been slowly turned into a dream. But as I arrived in Churu after a disappointing journey to Mandawa, I had more than 15 hours to kill and there was no stay option near the place. At some point, I randomly thought that I should search for Gurudwara near me, and it was there just 200 m away.

After some half an hour of interrogation they allowed me to stay, at that point I realized that the trip had been successful in giving me the best it could have. I was already in awe with their generosity and their food.

A bit about my stay

After a wonderful dinner, I chatted with Baba Ji for about 2 to 3 hours which was mostly a one-sided conversation where the questions were thrown at me continuously, to know more and more about me. Sometimes if I ask a question, they will reply rudely, just to test my patience towards them. With some food in my stomach, I slept peacefully living one of my biggest fascinations.

I got surprised by their morning routine of feeding almost 40-50 homeless animals, of which they remember everyone’s name. This showed me how caring they were towards the nature surrounding them, since they were not even shredding the branches of trees because squirrels plays in them.

Waiting for arrival of cows

A lazy day when I spent most of the time talking to Baba Ji but slowly his trust towards me is advancing, and the relationship is much more of a friendship with an age difference of 50 years. We talked about everything regarding religion, social conflicts to even the politics surrounding us. He respectfully accepted that I am an atheist and never forced me to change my opinion towards beliefs.

As I spent more time, I got indulge in their work, today was the day for mixing of bajra and wheat for which I had to do most of the work, from mixing it to taking it to chakki-wala, to storing it in their giant containers. The work was tiring but the positive side is that now we all have become friends and the time we were sharing became more and more enjoyable.

But the time came, when I had to leave, for which I wasn’t really prepared after the whole day of enjoyment with the people. Baba Ji came into my room and gave me food for the train because he remembered that my house is an hour away from the railway station. This last act of generosity completely melted me, after which I just hugged him and started crying. He calmed me down, called me to meet him again on any day possible.

With tears in my eyes, and heart melting with stories, I said goodbye to them and left for my journey to Delhi.

What I learned from this trip

I have learned from this trip that my disconnection from sight-seeing is growing even further, the essence of only visiting monuments haunts me. On the contrary side, my love with the people is growing up only, the ability to talk to locals to know more about the city and the lifestyle of people living there is extending even further.

I am still trying to figure out where I find myself in the long categories of travelers, and still transitioning by the attitude that do I really care about those categories. But one thing is for sure, I have been growing as a solo traveler, my confidence with my journies are growing.

From my stay at Gurudwara, I learned that respecting other ideologies is better than contradicting it completely, and my respect for nature has just grown even further after seeing their allegiance towards the environment.

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He is the reason why I could live one of my dream to stay at Gurudwara. . Before going ahead I must warn you. This will be a really long caption of my stay at Gurudwara. . . . I came to churu Gurudwara around 7 o’ clock in the evening after having a pretty much a disappointing trip to Mandawa. This place was my only hope for the night stay. So after examining me for at least an hour he finally gave a permission with a little caution about my stay or who I am. . The night was so beautiful since we talked till 10 o’clock about his experiences and he asked a lot of questions to me. Sometimes he was intentionally being rude to check my patience toward him. . In the morning I wake up around 7 to see a beautiful ritual that they do, which is that, they feed upto 40 homeless cows daily, remembering each one of their name. I was surprised to see his praise regarding nature and everything surrounding us. . The most surprising incident was when he refused to shred the branches of trees because little birds and squirrels come to play in his tree. . Our connection was increasing as we spent more time, he started treating me like his son and in the end he came into my room and gave me food for the train because he remembers that my house is an hour away from railway station and I might get hungry. . This was probably my most emotional stay ever since I hugged me in the end and started crying suddenly. . I will never forget his teachings and his smile, it will always remain with me. . This incident again taught me that what is the most important thing for me while traveling. . . Day 14 of my #slipperyportrait with my favorite picture ever. . . . #travels #traveling #rajasthani #rajasthanroyals #travelingram #royalrajasthan #instarajasthan #traveler #travelphotography #travelling #rajasthandiaries #prilaga #rajasthan #travelblog #traveller #travelgram #rajasthantrip #rajasthanblog #rajasthan_tourism #incrediblerajasthan #rajasthantourism #travelblogger #rajasthan_diaries #rajasthaniculture #rangeelorajasthan #traveltheworld #travel

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