National Research center on Camel Bikaner

National Research center on Camel Bikaner

Have you also imagined how do camels live freely without any boundation of taking someone for safari? Sheep of the desert as we glorify them with this term has just been turned into a money-making machine. I have also been guilty of been involved in the process where all of us exploit them just for the satisfaction of dominating them. In all sense, they have just been let down by humanity.

With this guilt, I went to the National Research center on Camels in Bikaner. My motive to visit the place had a bit of curiosity attached to it. To find the answer to the above question. But as soon as I stepped in the premises, I was astounded to watch more than 300 camels running around with absolute freedom.


NRCC was established in 1995 after completing a successful project on camels in 1988. The research center is responsible for studying Camels as they are one of the most important part of the fragile eco-system. It is also an important breeding farm for camels. The research center is currently extending its research to double-humped camels found in the cold desert of Nubra Valley.

Their research helps farmers directly in the state to adopt better farming techniques. They are very important for any area suffering from drought since their research helps people to cope up with it. Recently it has been opened for tourist which directly benefits the funding of the research center.

They have 4 kinds of camels and an increasing count of more than 400. The place is special for many people who want to learn more about these amazing animals.

Bikaner | A knock on the door of rustic Charm

The best time to visit the center is around 3 o’ clock because that is the time when all the camels come back from their desert walk. They will chill around in their park for a while and maybe interact with you. Don’t try to go close to the camels and don’t even attempt to feed them anything.

The fees to enter is Rs 50 for Indians and Rs 100 for foreigners. You can hire a guide for Rs 50 which will be very helpful if you want to learn about camels. The visiting time is 2 P.M.- 6 P.M. and the maximum duration of your visit will be around 2 hours.

You can even visit the museum of the research center where you will get all of the information about camels and their life. Try not to visit during weekends because the place gets crowded by locals.

Bikaner is full of interesting places, along with many interesting reasons for you to visit the place. Come here to know the 7 reasons why you should visit Bikaner right now.

How to Reach

NRCC is 8 km away from Bikaner city on the Jodhpur Bypass. Although you can visit the place by Auto Rickshaw, taxis, buses, or rent bikes from Bikaner. The most important tip is that if you are taking an auto-rickshaw or taxi then book it for a round trip because there is no availability outside the research center. It will cost you anything around 100-500 depending on the tourist season and your bargaining skills.

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