Sam Sand Dunes | Backpacking in the Alchemy of Thar Desert


Have you ever been to any place that demanded silence? Well, that place is majestic Sam Sand Dunes. The beautiful Sam sand dunes covered with sand and lifeless intimacy to attract you for exploring the hidden treasure of life which is tranquillity and is a perfect delight for any backpacker to cherish thus leaving a … Read moreSam Sand Dunes | Backpacking in the Alchemy of Thar Desert

Jodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500


Having less money in your pocket? But a big urge to travel around exotic destinations in Rajasthan.Jodhpur is the perfect destination for your Cheap Thrill in the Royalty of Rajasthan. Total Cost   Accommodation Rs 250-450 Monument Tickets Rs100- Rs200 Food Rs400- Rs600 Water Rs50 Transportation Rs100-Rs250 Cheap Places to Stay: So starting off, let’s … Read moreJodhpur | Solo Travel Guide under Rs1500

Triund | A Beginner’s Delight


Imperial amongst the beginner’s trek, Triund is the bargain destination which is captivating for any traveller strolling in the lap of legendary Dauladhar. Time for Summer Holidays and the hidden explorer inside me was rising for its quest to accomplish something. Thus sitting in the chaos of Delhi I decided to plan for my first … Read moreTriund | A Beginner’s Delight

Mcleodganj | Beyond the Chaos of Dharamshala

Residence to his holiness Dalai Lama and several/numerous Tibetan people. For me, Mcleodganj has a special memory because of its tranquillity, cultural background and amazing sightings all compiled into one recollection of the amazing experience.   A summer holiday and it was time to backpack into the midst of Himachal Pradesh so I chose Mcleodganj for … Read moreMcleodganj | Beyond the Chaos of Dharamshala