Peora village | An offbeat experience from the usual of Uttarakhand

Peora village | An offbeat experience from the usual of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has emerged as a state with peak touristic destinations like Nainital, Dehradun, and Mussourie. But for the purpose of going to offbeat places, I really had a hard time searching for one. Then I randomly came across Peora village, which was described as this beautiful calm village where you can come and relax, which was enough for me to get excited and pack my bag for the next weekend adventure.

In this write-up, I will talk extensively about Peora Village, while giving you an insight into its spring beauty and why you should visit the village. I will also give travel tips on how to reach, where to stay, things to do, and best time to visit peora village.

A little bit about Peora Village, Uttarakhand

Breathtaking view of Kumao Hills

Peora is a small village in the state of Uttarakhand; with a population of no more than 250 people. It is only 21 km away from Almora, and the attractive lights of city can be seen from the village. The kids dream of living in the cities and the parents appreciate the commercialization of the cities, which has provided schools to their kids.

It is surrounded by the green hills of Kumaon, nestled away from all the chaos, and untouched by the ever-increasing commercialization of Uttarakhand. The village itself is in the offbeat location; sandwiched between the 2 main roads, because of which the locals never have an issue, when they want to commute to the cities.

Village has an NGO, named as Aarohi, which has done fantastic work for the locals of all the nearby villages. It has a school for the local kids, where volunteers come from all around the world and teach kids. It has nature shops and Aarohi hospital as well, which is a lifeline to the locals in the area. The influence of Aarohi is so much, that at least 20 people asked me that if I have come from Aarohi. Read more about Aarohi here.

Why you should visit Peora village

After reading from above you must have got an idea about the specialty of the village, which is the serenity it is surrounded by. The peaceful atmosphere, with the only sound of cold breeze hitting your earbuds with a tender touch, it is a delightful experience. Breathtaking view of Kumaon Hills in front of you will make you dive in it through your eyes, the infinite sight of green mountains is truly a captivating moment to be held with yourself. You will be left wondering what village must be behind this hill or that hill.

The villages of Uttarakhand has a unique charm to them, just like Peora, I had a beautiful encounter with Raithal Village, which is in Garwhal Region of Uttarakhand.

Also, there is something unique about the village, it’s a place which you don’t want to leave, it has something magical about itself which holds you in its roots even when you are back from your trip, and it was evident when I met a couple who randomly visited the village and just decided to stay there. The couple has been living peacefully in the village for more than 2 years now and now they are part of the village society.

Peora is perfect for someone who wants to try their hands at slow-traveling and explore the whole area which he/she is surrounded by. You can volunteer at Aarohi for a month and ask them to arrange your stay in Peora village, which according to past volunteers, is an experience of a lifetime.

You can also trek to nearby hills of the villages, for a sight of the beautiful sunset. During spring, the forest looks like a golden carpet where the tall pine trees dance upon, combined with the shimmering ray of sun, your every step in the forest is luxuriating and after getting tired you can just sit and observe the beautiful sunset in front of you.

In the end, visit Peora for its serene environment, beautiful locals, and magical air, which combines for an experience of a lifetime.

How to reach Peora village

This is the most important part because just like you, I also found no proper information on the internet about reaching Peora village from Delhi.

From Delhi, you will have to first reach Kathgodam Railway station, so there are 3 trains to Kathgodam Railway station(the last railway station of Uttarakhand) of which one is Kathgodam Shatabdi which originates at 6:15 in the morning from Delhi and drop you at 11:50 A.M., but if you are on a budget trip then Ranikhet Express is the best option, since the price of ticket is around Rs 120, and it leaves Delhi by 9 P.M. to reach Kathgodam by 5 o’clock in the morning.

There are several options from Kathgodam, you can hire a shared taxi which if isn’t shared, costs you around 1200-1500 rupees to reach Peora. But another option is that there are buses to Peora village directly from Kathgodam Railway Station, the buses towards Mauna-Ramgarh-Laisal arrives around 8 o’ clock in the morning and will drop you at Peora village under 3 hours (Recheck the timings from sellers in front of the railway station).

To come back from the village, the last bus towards Kathgodam-Haldwani leaves around 2 P.M. from the main road and reaches by 6 o’clock in the evening.

For how many days should you visit Peora

Answer to the above question differs from individual to individual, if you are a weekend backpacker like me then you can visit Peora for 1 or 2 days, and you will still feel satisfied by the mist of it.

If you are a backpacker who loves slow traveling then Peora is a gem for you, stay here for as many days as you want to. Since I told you I met many people who are living here for years now.

Where to stay in Peora Village

View from Maya Homestay

There is only one place where you should stay in Peora, which is Maya Homestay. An amazing home-stay with the most lovely hosts open for any conversations with you. Homestay location is absolutely amazing, it is situated on the initial front of the village, so you can see the whole village below it. The view from the room is the real deal of staying in the homestay. It is the best place for you to stay with all the basic amenities of water, electricity, and great food.

Just type on google “Maya Homestay Peora” and you will find direct route from Kathgodam/Haldwani
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This is the beautiful family staying in the Peora village of Uttarakhand. They run a homestay known as Maya Home stay, which you should visit. . Family has been living in this village for years, and they are the most wonderful host anyone can imagine. . They told me about the recent issues in Uttarakhand villages that people have left their houses to shift to urban areas and something like 120 villages are considered as ghost villages now. . There is another concern that people from Delhi, Haryana, Banglore and Mumbai, are alarmingly buying land in Uttarakhand, sold at a very cheap rate by local people. The new land owners are building big resorts and private properties, causing local people problems like scarcity of water. . Thus today I wanted to urge all of you that while traveling, always try to stay in a homestay, to support the local families living in the areas for generations. It will be one of the best experiences of your trip, and you will be only left with tears and memories of lifetime. . Day 22 of #slipperyportrait . . . . #wonderful_places #photooftheday #traveladdict #travelblogger #traveller #travelling #globetrotter #letsgosomewhere #wanderlust #travelblog #exploretheworld #exploretocreate #beautifuldestinations #mountains #exploremore #neverstoptravelling #travelgram #instatravel#travelphotography #instatravel #travelbug #ourplanetdailY #travellingthroughtheworld #uttarakhand_ig

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Phone number booking at Maya Homestay – +91 97 19 09 0586

Another reason to stay in a homestay is because of the commercialization in Uttarakhand, many people have built their private resorts and vacation homes, which downgrades the number of benefit locals get from tourism. So if you are staying in a homestay, it supports the locals to stay in the village and live their livelihood. Read more about Reasons why you should stay in Homestays.

Be responsible, be sensible, don’t throw trash around and reduce your use of plastic while traveling.


A place where I can pass out for months. Sitting here on top of my homestay, I feel like I am on top of this world, with nothing but music to interrupt you. The clouds have just frozen over the ranges infront of me. Wish I can freeze this moment to eternity, where I am sitting infront of my love, the infinite ranges in which my eyes searches for something, but all I can think of is being happy. I am falling in more and more love with this world.

-Leaked inks from my diary

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If you have any query regarding Peora, then connect with me over Instagram to get your query sorted and know where I am heading next!

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