Lucknow | Food exploration in the City of Nawabs

Lucknow | Food exploration in the City of Nawabs

About the trip: Before arriving in Lucknow, I was determined to explore its food only, because I already had a feeling that there are not many places to visit and the real USP of Lucknow is its food. After walking through the Imambaras and Masjid, a feeling of tiredness was taking over but the excitement was growing up to have a taste of its delicious cuisines.

I arrived in the chaotic lanes of chowk hoping for the best to conserve my excitement to eat the famous Kebabs of Lucknow, but I wasn’t expecting to be served by so many different cuisines scattered all around the city. Lucknow is traditionally known as the city of Nawabs and the “tehzib” among the people can be heard right around when you enter the small lanes of chowk.

Before moving any further, I should warn you that the food I tried was mostly non-veg, so if you are a vegetarian then visit Siddhartha Joshi’s blog where he talked extensively about the Chowk area and the best vegetarian things to eat in Lucknow.

Places to Eat In Lucknow

Tunday Kebab in the lanes of Chowk

Pride chef making delicious kebab.

“Oh! WOW” this will be exact phrase coming out of your mouth after eating the famous Tunday Kebab of Lucknow, there is literally nothing in this world which melts like it. The tangy taste and the softness make it one of the most unique things I have ever eaten, and especially the consistency even after ordering 3 plates was seamlessly same. Even after living in Delhi and eating some of the best non-veg food in India, I was still shocked by the heavenly taste of Tunday Kebab.

The famous restaurant is located in the chowk market, which is after entering through the gol darwaza you have to walk for about 800m to reach the location. It will be one of the most non-charismatic restaurants you will ever visit since there was not even a name-board in front of it but its kebab is attracting people from all around the world. Served with naan for Rs30/plate, I will advise to first have kebabs by themselves.

Kheer and Halwa from Rehmat Ali Khan

“Muskuraiye, Aap Lucknow mein hai” and you really should smile after taking a bite from the famous desert of Rehmat Ali Khan, a shop located just in the neighborhood of famous tunday kebab restaurant, from its Johari halwa to its Kheer everything is so delicious in this small little shop. You can easily miss the shop so be careful while you try to find it and always save up space for this shop because the deserts here are heavy and wonderful.

It has been serving sweets in the streets of Lucknow from 1865!

Giant Basket Chaat from Royal Cafe, Hazrat Ganj

Size of Mini-Basket chaat

It is Giant as anything and I realized very quickly when I ordered a mini version of it, that how much big can the original one will be. The faous Basket chaat of Lucknow is a thing which should be tried by anyone visiting here, and being so much big it kinds of hold you with its taste and don’t let you get bored after eating for so many minutes. Located in the high street if Hajrat Ganj, Royal cafe is serving people of Lucknow for many years but its USP is Basket chaat which is the big banner in front of the shop.

There are many branches of Royal cafe in Lucknow so only visit the original one in Hajrat Ganj for some real great food and if you have any space left, then try things apart from basket chaat, food is great at ROyal cafe.

Dine-in at the famous Dastarkhwan


An all non-veg Mughlai Restaurant famous for its fine tasting and exquisite dining, this place was so much popular than I thought, since I had to wait for more than half-an-hour to even get my table. The food I ordered was chicken masala and butter naan with chicken Kebab, and all of the dishes were right on average showcasing the over-hype this place has received in the city.

Although a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Zomato might intrigue you to visit here so I thought I should just mention it here so that it might give you a little joy after visit there. Some of the famous dishes here are Butter Chicken, Galouti Kebab and Chicken Biryani. It is located in the officer’s colony of Lucknow, but before visiting book a table prior.

Nahari and Kulcha at Rahim ki Nahari

In the lanes of chowk you have another gem which has been running for more than 100 years, it is the Rahim ki Nahari, where they serve their more than delicious, a different Nahari in just Rs 50. Your liking regarding their Nahari depends on person to person because the taste is something different from what we have traditionally eaten at typical Mughlai Restaurants.

Not so spicy curry which we are used to by now, their Nahari has been running famous in Lucknow for years and years, and it is located just 20 m away from Tunday Kebab Restaurant in chowk market, so if you are visiting chowk to eat Tunday Kebab then do give a try to Rahim ki Nahari. Don’t forget to order a Kulcha to go along with it.

Other things which you can also try to eat are Lucknawi Paan, Lucknow Biryani and Paani Poori. All of them are very famous cuisines of Lucknow, which I unfortunately wasn’t able to try.

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The best part about the above-recommended things is that all of them will cost you a lot less money then you will think off, so your trip to Lucknow won’t cost you a lot including the food tour just like it was on my complete Rajasthan trip, Read more about my Rajasthan trip here where I spent only 350/day for about 10 days.

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