Why you should Travel with your Friends at least once: From an eye of Solo Traveler

Why you should Travel with your Friends at least once: From an eye of Solo Traveler

It was 18th May 2019, when I first had my “Dil Chahta Hai” or “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” moment. As I sat down with my 4 friends towards Chitkul. There was doubt looming all over me since this was a strange territory. Planning a trip with friends or better going with them. It was all strange until I came back from the trip and I realized that this was probably one of the best trips I ever went on. Because after traveling mostly alone/solo, I had a strange act and it definitely taught me, Why a trip with your friends will be one of the best you will ever go on.

They can be a liability, but…

Yes, I know what most of the solo traveler feels about a group trip. All of the planning which you have to do, all of the responsibilities you have of other people, and most important looking for everyone’s comfort. These are the thing which I also hate. But is it really that much to do?

They can definitely be a liability sometimes, but they will never leave your site for you to feel lonely or homesick. And if you ask me right now, I will do all of that again and again. In the end, all the hassle will be worth the effort and you might find something different about yourself and your comfort as well.

99.9 times it will be a blast

You will agree with me on this. Even a night stay with your mates is a blast, so what about a whole 3/6/15 day trip in the lap of complete strange location. Isn’t that all just feel dreamy to you.

I had a blast in Chitkul with my friends. Even though the location is absolutely breathtaking like I have never seen before. But because of my companions, the experience really escalated. My expectations were really thrown out of the window, as I sat down and thought about the trip.

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Sharing the moment is not overrated

I always used to think that this is nonsense when people used to say that they can’t travel solo because they fear of not sharing a moment with someone. But now I know what was I missing upon, that moment when you climb a whole mountain! or when you relax by a river bank. Sharing that moment is a precious thing, which doesn’t occur easily. There is a sense of relief when you turn around and there is someone standing with you at that time.

All of the writings or photographs will never replace an actual presence beside you. It is all strange and perfect at the same time. You will never be able to gather it all, but it will always remain with you.

Life is an adventure, and so should you be

All of the choices you make should not always be in your comfort zone. Let yourself explore, let your mind and heart fly a little bit. So do go out with your friends even if you prefer traveling solo. There is a chance you will also caught up in emotions just like me and feel really ecstatic after the trip.

So, in the end, I will say that get your friends together go out on a trip with them to Himachal, Rajasthan or wherever you wish to and explore the extravaganza that is Traveling.

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