How Did I solo Travel in Rajasthan under Rs 350/day

How Did I solo Travel in Rajasthan under Rs 350/day

What is there in life, if you can’t make the best of what you have. So with this thought process in my mind I grabbed Rs 3,500 and went on a real unplanned trip to Rajasthan, with destination chosen through map rather than “best places to visit in Rajasthan” and budget decided through courage. The journey which has pushed me into this new love for traveling, which has changed my whole perspective of what is there to achieve and what is there to be left behind.

Thus sit back and relax as you read through this whole journey and then decide that, should the budget be one of the issue for not traveling ?

“Why are you attempting this?” , “This is not possible”, “you will be back in a week!”

“There is no need to listen, you just have to listen to yourself not the phrases above and run yourself wild.” This was my reaction to everything negative around me during the trip or before the trip as the people around you will always discourage of not attempting something cultural and any attempt to do things out of the box will always hinder the mentality of this world.

So with a positive thought process and zeal for attempting a long solo trip to get out of my comfort zone. I packed my bags, attached my sleeping bag and carry a side-bag to the land of the unknown which was for me in this case solo-traveling.

Sam Sand Dunes | Backpacking in the Alchemy of Thar Desert

You will also think that how fool I am to just get out of my comfort zone where I can take as much as money from my parents for the trip and comfortably travel through the city in the luxury of materialistic things. But really what’s the fun in that? Because after my trip the biggest accomplishment for me was not traveling to those cities but it was that I am ready to travel, I am ready to get out of my comfort zone for the love of traveling and I am ready to attempt something non-traditional.

What are the places I visited

The last exam of my semester ended and now it is time to go on a trip which I had been planning for, but what is to be followed was completely unexpected. Originally I planned my trip through Bikaner>Khimsar>Jodhpur>Barmer>Mount Abu> Udaipur> Chittorgarh> Bundi. This plan was completely under the toilet after I went to Barmer.

Now coming back to what are the places I visited, so they are Bikaner, Khimsar, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Udaipur which ended in only 10 days contrary to my original plan which was for 20 day trip.

But nonetheless this trip will probably be the best trip of my life, where I experienced Hitchhiking inside the cities, riding camels in the Sam Sand Dunes, Running myself into the blue city of Jodhpur, finding my love for the unexplored in Barmer, partied with strangers on 3 different nights and many-many things which you will get to know as you run through my blog.

By the way, I traveled Bikaner in Rs 334, Khimsar in Rs 70, Jodhpur in Rs 295, Barmer in Rs 310, Jaisalmer in Rs 2650 and Udaipur in Rs 160. I will explain further how I did it and some of the most essential tips and learning from my trip to follow.

How I did it

Finally the long-awaited question that How did I actually completed my trip?

Hitchhiking, Hitchhiking and Hitchhiking!

The best way to save budget on this trip was through Hitchhiking so that I don’t have to pay the minor cost of Auto or rickshaws to roam inside the cities and until the last day of my trip I didn’t pay a single penny for the transportation inside the cities. So hitchhiking was the best thing I attempted across the trip which saved me an insane amount of money.

Some of my famous hitchhiking tales was when I had to reach National science center in Bikaner which is about 6 km away from the city, where I had to hitchhike through 4 different bikes to reach there going through the bypass of Jodhpur-Bikaner and for return I came back with one of the staff members since the closing time was over and the working hours was done for the day. Thus I was safely back in the city of Bikaner without giving any money.

Hitchhiking showed me the sand dunes of Khimsar and free lunches in Jodhpur, it taught me that India is the most beautiful country where people always welcome who is in need of help and there is no reason to be scared of any situations.

Free lunches on the go!

You won’t believe me when I say this but I didn’t pay for single plate of Lunch until I reached Jaisalmer which means total of 5 days. I will share with you my favorite free lunch stories which are:

When I got lucky in Bikaner for a free lunch at Deshnukh Temple just by asking an aut-wala that “Where will I get the cheapest lunch”, in Khimsar because of Rajasthan elections there were many campaigns going on and in one of the BJP campaign they were serving free lunch to everyone, In Jodhpur the person with whom I hitchhiked invited me to his institution for the lunch time and I ate free lunch with more than 500 students.

These were some of my favorite free-lunch stories which I shared with you so if you want to eat free food there are always opportunity lying in every part of this country you just have to be little smart and little Unconscionable to ask people where can I get free food around here. With only these 2 things you are ready and set to go.

“Were you sleeping on the road?”

I was mostly prepared to do above by carrying my sleeping bag with me but you must be thinking this that under that budget where can I get the rooftop to sleep and the best part is that I always slept in a comfortable accommodation and literally never paid for it on my trip.

Although some of the free stays were at my father’s friends places which were in Udaipur and Barmer but apart from that I used all the resources available to me i.e. Facebook Travel groups, Couchsurfing, Requests, and smartness for free stays in different cities.

As I said earlier the people of this country are beautiful and so they were on my trip because of them I stayed free in Bikaner which was through a Facebook travel group, I stayed in Dilbar’s hostel in Jaisalmer through Couchsurfing, and requested some of the hostels in Jodhpur for free-stay when my fathers friend was not there in Jodhpur which I got to know at the last moment but I only had to request 4 of them for a free stay at first night and on the next day I called another hostel explained my situation and they told me to arrive there for a free stay.

Most essential tips from my trip

1. Be ready to spend money on a Breakfast

A must place to eat in Bikaner and will make you fall in love with it.

With a little sleep in your head there is not much smartness running through your brain, especially at 7-8 in the morning so look out for the cheapest place to eat breakfast and spend big on that, which I used to do since it help me to be energized for the whole day and possibility of getting hungry gets a little bit slim.

2. Try to use the cheapest public transport for city commutation

You must be thinking after reading that How I actually saved money during the trip that after free lunches, free transportation and free stays what is there to spend money on. And the answer is that buses in India from one city to another will always be ready to suck some of the budget from your savings so 50% of my budget was spent on public commutation from one city to another. So look out for the trains and buy a general ticket which is the cheapest way to travel in this country.

3. Don’t rely on street food

Don’t attempt this foolishness like I did it because the last thing you want on your trip is an upset stomach. So please be aware about what you are eating and try to eat as much as healthy food you can like drinking milk, eating fruits and thali in cheap dhabas.

4. Talk to people

Talking to the locals helps you a lot during budget traveling as they might give you help by themselves otherwise, they will definitely provide the best solution to any problem you have. And remember a backpacker is a person who travels in the city, talking through the locals to know more about the insights of the cities rather than knowing the usual information on the internet.

5. Taking a rest day is necessary

During all the chaotic travel I soon realized that one of the reason my trip ended in 10 days that I did not rested even for a single day. Always hustling, always running you need a day to rest and gather your mind again for the next day trip for new adentures and new beginnings.

What I learned from this trip

As I described earlier the most joyful thing was not that I traveled to so many cities and got to see so much of Rajasthan, but it is that I attempted this and ran with confidence so that there is no stopping after it. This trip made me realize that how comfortable we are becoming sitting on our beds and couches scrolling through the social media when the real world is out there waiting for you to get up and go.

There is no stopping between traveling and you even a common excuse of budget was also thrown aside on my trip since I got to enjoy everything in Rajasthan which a person do and in at least 5 times of my budget.

I realized that “Places to see”, “Best thing to do”, “Sightseeing you should see” and “Best place to go” are the most overrated things in the world since I also got fed up by it at the end of my trip and looking back at it I am realizing the best moments were the sunset in Barmer or silent stars in Sam Sand Dunes or the beautiful morning beside Pichola Lake of Udaipur. Every place you go there is always something around you to see which is “Nature”, it is present everywhere and it only depends on the eye of the beholder that what he/she appreciates. Read here about Why Jaisalmer city tour is overrated.

I will end this article by saying that Don’t listen to anyone but to yourself, have faith and confidence in yourself and start traveling solo because there is nothing more difficult in this world other than letting the adventurer inside you sleep because of some excuse you are giving to yourself.

So get up go and Travel responsibly!

If you can’t travel like explained above then no issues, I also have a cheap guides for Jodhpur and Bikaner.

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