Rasol | Hidden Gem in the Hamlet of Parvati Valley

Rasol | Hidden Gem in the Hamlet of Parvati Valley

Before the trip: After coming back from Jibhi some 10 days ago, I was already feeling a pinch of going back to the mountains and so did I go and after spending a night at chalal I took my backpack and started trekking to the somewhat mysterious village of Rasol hidden in the higher altitudes of Parvati Valley.

There is a dream of every backpacker that there will be a place where he/she can submerge in peace and where the life is not about catching metros but about relaxing and respecting the nature around them, to which surprisingly Rasol was that place. Literally a gem which is hidden away from all the newly boomed traveler/touristic chaotic destinations in Parvati valley(mainly Kasol), which has now been explored so much that the term unexplored has somewhere lost behind the beautiful mountains in the valley.

In this blog, I will be covering some of the most important aspects like About Rasol Village, Charas in the village, and why you should visit the place if you are a non-smoker. I will also be giving travel tips on How to reach Rasol, Places to stay and eat.

A little bit about Rasol


Rasol is a village situated in the parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh at around 10,000 feet above the sea level. It falls under Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh and is about 8 km away from the famous backpacking destination – Kasol. The famous destination Malana is also 6 km away from Rasol

It only consists of about 70-80 houses which can be observed from a distance that Rasol is essentially a very small village and has only 3-4 guest houses/home-stays which as quoted by a home-stay owner is enough for the no. of traveler/tourists this place receives every year.

Rasol has been traditionally famous for its charas which is considered as one of the best quality in the Parvati valley(although I didn’t try it myself!). As you talk to the locals you will feel that charas is just a narcotic drug for city folks but for the people of Rasol it is in their culture, occupation, and tradition. You can purchase Charas from mostly anyone in this village because the charas farms are all over the village and it is available for the consumption of anyone visiting here for a cost(Sorry, I don’t know the actual rate).

So if you are a smoker and loves to smoke charas then rasol is definitely a heaven made just for you to enjoy.

Why visit Rasol if you are a non-smoker


After giving a much elaboration about the famous Charas of Rasol, I will be tackling one of the most important questions that why should a non-smoker visit Rasol.

Utter peace in the village as soon as you enter it is enough for anyone to get high but on the serious note the village of Rasol is unique in its own sense since the view of snow-capped peaks from the highest point is absolutely remarkable. And as you sit there clicking various pictures you will get to feel the peace of this place for the first time, so just close your eyes for 5-minutes and admire the things you are surrounded with.

The cold breeze, the beautiful mountains and your eyes, are the only chaotic thing in this village.

People of Rasol are even more beautiful than the village and it is inevitable during the snow season because as soon as you enter the village you will be welcomed by a splash of snow on your body from the small children of Rasol giving you the most strange welcome of your life. Thus making you one of their own right from the first moment.

The best incident which happened with me was when a random person whom I asked about the way down and after telling me the way he smiled and started throwing snow at me by saying

“Jo Bhi Rasol aata hai, vo Baraf Kha Ke hi Jata Hai”.

Just like Rasol, Jibhi valley is also beautiful place to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Read more about Jibhi Valley.

How to reach the village

After reading so much praise about this village you must be wondering how to reach there. So to reach Rasol from Delhi you have to take a bus till Bhuntar. From there wait for some time for a bus till Kasol or you can take a cab from Bhuntar to Rasol which is a 1-hour drive. Book your bus tickets to Bhuntar from here.

If you reach Kasol on time which means before 11 A.M. then leave for Rasol on that day only, it is a 8 km trek which passes through Chalal and it will approximately take you around 3-4 hours to reach the village of Rasol.

In case you didn’t reach Kasol on time then stay there for a night and then leave on early morning to Rasol. There are many stay options in Kasol under every Budget. Click here to Book from 136 properties in Kasol.

The trek to Rasol is very easy which can be done by any backpacker/traveler without any experience of trekking since after every 10m there is a sign which will guide you along the trail to the village. After 50% of the trek, you can see the village of Rasol situated high above on the mountains silently waiting for your arrival.

Before moving ahead to the next topic I will like to tell you about the beauty of the trek. It is a beautiful trek which passes through the silent Jungle, after some point, the village of Chalal will also be washed away from the vision and there will be only waterfall, mountain peaks, and snow in front waiting for you.

On the way to Rasol, the trek is beautiful in its own sense as you walk upward don’t forget to turn once or twice to admire the beauty of Parvati valley.

Where to eat/stay

Both of the questions can be answered singularly since only the guesthouse/homestays provide food to the tourist coming to Rasol.

I went to the Mountain View Homestay where a Thali cost was 150 Rs which was more than enough to satisfy my hunger after 3 hours of trekking. It is situated on the upper region of Rasol from where the view is heavenly in every sense. So when you are visiting Rasol ask for Mountain View Homestay for food or for the stay and their per room charges is only 200/night during winters and 300/night during summers (pretty cheap right!).

This much amount of food for only 150 is better than cheap food. It is probably the most tasty meal of my journey after a tiring trek.

Apart from Mountain View Homestay there are 2-3 more guesthouses in the neighborhood of it which are also pretty cheap and good for anyone’s need.

My biggest regret in Rasol

You can not be bored of taking pictures of beautiful view of valley from Rasol

My biggest regret was that I could only stay in Rasol for about 3 hours and for some reason I thought it will not be a good plan to stay here for a night. That decision still pinches me for not taking a risk with weather and stay there for some nights since the village is a perfect place for anyone to come, forget all their problems and just relax in the magical air of Rasol. So I advise you not to take a foolish decision like I did and stay in Rasol for at least one night(which will still be less) to gather a lifetime memory of being in the most quaint and unique village in Parvati Valley.

There is just one last request from my side to all of you who will be visiting Rasol that don’t throw plastics around during your trek as I saw on my trek and in Rasol village that plastic and garbage was thrown around everywhere from the tourist visiting this village. So carry your garbage back with you to the town of Kasol and then throw it in some dustbins.

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Mountains are dying please save them. Because of our non-caring behavior we are causing adverse effects on this nature as the snow peaked mountain which we enjoy some day will get vanish. Clean air in the mountains which we come to enjoy may never be breath again. . Everything in our surrounding is suffering because of our non-sense behavior like throwing waste around while traveling or overusing of plastic and throwing them around without caring about what harm it will cause. . The photos were clicked in Parvati valley and I’m posting them for making you aware of the adverse situation. In the end I can only request you not to create garbage around us and preserve the nature surrounding us so that we can enjoy them forever. . And yes even one single packet of chips or bottle matters since only because of this behavior that ”Ek se kya ho jaega” we are putting harm on the people who are living in these valleys. . You can start even with a little effort like using only one water bottle which you carry from your house, refill it everywhere you go and using it again and again. Use less no. of plastic products and even if you are using them have a small compartment in your backpack to bring them back from these valleys and throw them in some dustbin in the city area so that it can be easily transported to garbage disposal. . . . @cntravellerindia @tripotocommunity @lonelyplanet @himalayangeographic @shivya @outlook_responsibletourism @outlooktraveller

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Thus Rasol is an absolute gem to visit in Parvati Valley, it has all the components of a peaceful backpacking getaway in the mountains. From the impeccable view of snow-clad mountain peaks to the most cheerful local residents. It is definitely the best place to visit in Himachal Pradesh.

If you can’t visit Rasol, then here is a alternate destination in Raithal Village, in Uttarakhand.

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