Sam Sand Dunes | Backpacking in the Alchemy of Thar Desert

Sam Sand Dunes | Backpacking in the Alchemy of Thar Desert

Have you ever been to any place that demanded silence?

Well, that place is majestic Sam Sand Dunes.

Lifeless Desert with the ups and downs of the Dunes.

The beautiful Sam sand dunes covered with sand and lifeless intimacy to attract you for exploring the hidden treasure of life which is tranquillity and is a perfect delight for any backpacker to cherish thus leaving a memorable mark inside you.

After backpacking solo in Rajasthan for more than 6 days it was time for me to cover some of the most fascinated dreams of mine. 

Fascinated even more after reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (my favourite book and should be read by every backpacker).

Jaisalmer To Sam Sand Dunes

The road from Jaisalmer to the Sam Sand Dunes is beautiful with amazing views of camels, foxes, cows and the plains of Jaisalmer spreading as far as you can see.


Thus it will satisfy anyone who loves driving or travelling on the road.

The distance from Jaisalmer to Sam Sand Dunes is 43 km and will take you around 45-60 min. 

The road is best enjoy with a classic Thar by Mahindra or any bike.

Sam Sand Dunes Camel safari


Upon the arrival in Sam, we were introduced with each of our camel. Mine was Salman.

Well sitting on camel is a tedious task and the habit of experiencing a comfortable ride will be gone for the next 14 km.

Guess what it will be the same distance the next morning also. Wow! isnt it? 

Say Hi to Salman!

As we all were slowly going deep into the Desert the silentness was taking over and the appreciation was emerging inside about the beauty we were surrounded with.


But what a Great experience, these camels took us far and away inside the Sam Sand Dunes away from the typical tourists spot in the Desert. 

Sam Sand Dunes Desert camp

What a Delightful Camp.

It was so different from the usual Swiss tents offered by 5- star companies or the companies promising you an authentic experience.

The food serve by these people was great and they were so entertaining and respectful of everyone.

The memorable Walk

Upon the arrival at the campsite being mischievous I am, I started walking into the desert far far away from the campsite, also removing my shoe in the process which should be done by everyone.

Thus every step you take leaves a mark on the sand and in other turn everything vanishes away just like existence of us in this world which we are taking for granted.

After some point, I just sat down to absorb the golden beauty with no one around me disturbing me to see the perfect view to be seen.

Walk,sit or roam around everything can be enjoyed with bare feet in Sand Dunes

There was no hustle no disturbance and everything was just quiet like the whole world has been muted away from you to enjoy the scenic artistry around you created by this universe which every Backpacker lives for.

Learn more about me and see how I like to travel.

With such a vast desert around me, my inner child woke up and ready to play in this massive playground.

Rolling, Jumping around, Running, Walking, Throwing sand and Sleeping are some of the Things to Do in Thar Desert by yourself.

Stargazing in Desert

Stargazing in Sam was one of the most majestic things to experience.

With numerous stars surrounding you and gazing at you with magical effects it will make you emotional at this moment that you are so lucky to stand there at this moment.

You will even see 2-3 shooting stars just keep your eye on the sky and you will see them.

The most part about my journey was the people I went with on this safari and enjoyed the most beautiful thing about backpacking which is meeting new people and making memories with them. 
All of us laughed, ate and even partied together for the whole night and the most important thing about that is that we all shared same passion in each of us which is Travelling

Cost of Sam Sand Dunes safari is only Rs1,500 including pick up and drop from Jaisalmer.

If you want to experience Sam Sand Dunes like me, call Dilbar (+91 9571559453).

He will make the whole arrangement and he also own a great hostel in Jaisalmer.

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