Experience of Staying in Hills for a Month

Experience of Staying in Hills for a Month

We travel for our own reasons, every trip has a value in itself. Every time we go into the land of the unknown we think of something greater than the destination, we carry back greater emotions with us. Every trip we plan has some hidden meaning behind it. But there is one thing more, every time we got out wandering, we live out our dreams and fantasies. So this time my trip was all about living out a dream/fantasy of staying in Hills for a month.

Fascinated by bloggers all around the world and especially by Abhinav Chandel and Shivya Nath, I also had an itch to experience a laid back experience of staying in mountains. As I have started traveling frequently in recent times, and especially after my Chitkul trip I learned that going for a weekend or 2 nights wasn’t enough. Thus I took it up as an experiment on myself to stay in the hills for a month.

It had all the comfort of a Home.

Bir was my home, and I will proudly say that it is one of the best place I have ever visited in Himachal Pradesh. The laid back nature of the place is the most unique part of the destination. From morning breeze to evening walks everything had a sense of attachment with you, in Bir.

Bir was just a delightful place to be, but I won’t talk much about Bir in this article. It will be more about the amusement of staying in Hills and experiencing a much slower lifestyle in comparison to Delhi.

The experience was nothing less than spectacular, as I was feeling a part of Bir from Day 1. By Day 30 I had a feeling that someone is pulling me back, something is not letting my heart go away. In the end, it just happened to be so that my bus was moving but my brain was still in the hangover of the landscape of Bir.

The Blue Dream

You might feel that the slow life of the mountains will become boring, or too slow for you. But that wasn’t the case in my situation at least, it was all slow but in a way that everything was talking to you. You will never feel alone even when no one was around. The grasses will joke with you, while the peaks watch over you in their age-old smoldering eyes. It felt nothing less than a love affair with nature, where romance was on the peak all the time.

As I walked through the evening of these Hills, I used to talk to them silently. Every day it felt like a dream as I watched the sunset go down as it can, and the hue turning from yellow to blue to purple to anything god decide to have in mind. It all felt like a painting which has been stolen from the Museums of Paris, just for me to look at.

The slow travel will teach you the value of “yourself” more than time or money. It taught me some of the most important lessons which I will carry with me forever. One of the most important ones was that you don’t need much money to be happy, as I learned it by the locals of Bir who were always smiling even when they were not owning some luxurious apartment in Southern Part of Delhi.

As the days go by, your mind gets used to the pace surrounding you. And slowly it just cuckoos you in its lap where every night you sleep with satisfaction, and every day you wake up with an uplifting mood of cherishing another day of your life. You don’t want your day to end but you also want the silent night to arrive where you will be left to just yourself and your pack of stars.

It still feels like a dream which I lived and it gave me the most satisfying memory of my life, of which I remember and happily cry about.

Special Thanks to…

It was all possible because of Zostel Volunteership that I was able to stay in Bir for a month and volunteer at Zostel Bir. Thanks to all the staff of Zostel Bir i.e. Vicky,Rahul,Lucky,Prince,Saching and Gabbar who made it possible for me to have a family even when I am not at home. Thanks to Ankush who gave me an opportunity volunteer at their property. All the love for my guests who came like strangers and left like friends. And in the end, special thanks to Madhuri who selected me as one of the Volunteer, without her nothing would have been possible.

If you have any query of how to volunteer, or even about how to make it possible to stay, drop me a message on Instagram. You can also follow me to follow my travel journeys.

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