Vishwamitra Waterfall – Hike in Pushkar


After visiting Aloo Baba on the previous day, I was dead sure to again explore something offbeat on my last day. Suddenly I saw a map on my hostel’s wall which had a place named Gaz-Baz valley. Thus my curiosity took over me and with little to no clue I started looking for it. But … Read moreVishwamitra Waterfall – Hike in Pushkar

Aloo Baba | Scenic Drive and Mysterious Baba in Pushkar


One of my task before visiting Pushkar was to visit or explore something offbeat. After scrolling much on Google I wasn’t getting any information about something unexplored. Suddenly a fellow traveler suggested me to drive towards Aloo Baba. Thus, a cool name and a scenic drive towards Aloo Baba was enough to intrigue me for … Read moreAloo Baba | Scenic Drive and Mysterious Baba in Pushkar