Taj Mahal | From Losing my Wallet to Losing my Shit

Taj Mahal | From Losing my Wallet to Losing my Shit

This is more than a typical journey of a Delhi guy catching a bus to Agra and then seeing Taj Mahal and completing his journey comfortably and having a great weekend in the process. But this is the story of me that How I lost my wallet but didn’t gave up on seeing the Wonder of the world – The Taj Mahal.

Losing my Wallet

It is 4 o’ clock in the evening and I have arrived at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station of Delhi to take a general ticket to Agra, excited as much as I can be since the plan was made some 3 hours ago only. With the general ticket in my wallet, I took my bag through the security and right after 3-4 steps I realized that it’s gone, my wallet has gone and there is nothing my right hip pocket.

Someone has actually pick-pocketed me and suddenly someone has pushed my panic button, I started sweating asking policemen to look for it and running around all of the platforms to find that person but there is nothing I can do now.

I sat down and started feeling that everything around me has stopped for one decision only that what to do now should I go back home or Go to Agra by any means necessary(which I certainly did!). Sitting for more than 2-3 hours I decided with sheer determination to go and see Taj Mahal. I took this as a test to my determination for traveling and what i have opted to do in life.

After taking the decision there was a new energy in me which was driving me towards Agra. I started feeling that there is no turning back now because if I will go back to Home there will be lots and lots of regrets with obviously crying.

So after taking the foolish decision as many would call it, there is no regrets and yes it taught me that sometimes being a fool in life is all that matters.

How I went to Agra ?

This was my instagram story on my way to Agra

The biggest question must be how I went to Agra. I am really lucky that I had money in my paytm which eventually helped me to complete the trip.

So after trying for hours for hitchhiking, I lost hope for at least hitchhiking till Agra. Next way was the bus and yes I got the bus ticket for Rs 100 only, I really love India and our people.

Losing my Shit


It was like the time has just stopped everything around me as soon as I entered through the Darwaaza to see the Taj Mahal at 6:45 in the morning(this is the best time visit).

All Indians have grown up watching the pictures of Taj Mahal and listening to the stories of Shah-Jahan and Mumtaz. It was like a dream come true for me and I just stood there and gazed for at-least 15 mins to admire the beauty which is Taj Mahal.

I actually lost my shit in the process and there is no adjective which can describe Taj Mahal it is an adjective in its own.

After absorbing it from far away for at-least 15-20 min I was sure why this place is counted as the Wonder of the World and why it is mandatory for every Indian to visit here and why this place receives roughly 10,000-30,000 on a daily basis and why the typical picture beside Taj Mahal is almost a necessity and why it is the Place to Go in India.

There were so many answers in that small moment of time which I can write about for hours and hours but you don’t have any reason to get bored of them so I will stop now.

Taj Mahal


Wah Taj Wah! There is no one like you in this world, There is nothing which can make a person smile, since you are the star who is outshining everything and deservedly so. When you stand beside it you feel small and you just have to bow down your head to give respect to the Mausoleum.

There 2 gates from which you can enter but according to my information the east Gate receives less crowd. Although both gates eventually lead to only one which unlocks you into the lap of Taj Mahal.

From the beautiful gates to amazing carvings on the marble, everything is marvellous. You will be stuck there for hours and hours for taking hundreds of pictures of the Taj Mahal.

Slippery Tips for you

  • Reach here as soon as possible since the Taj Mahal gets opened at 6 o’ clock in the morning only.
  • The shoe cover is only for 10 Rs and if you are not buying it from outside then there is a vendor inside.
  • There is a bag checking counter behind the ticket window to keep your bags safe and it is free of cost.
  • For cheap food, outside Taj Mahal ask for “Badi” it cost only 6 Rs per piece.
  • If you are into photography, take a walk from Taj Mahal to the Agra Fort since the path is perfect for some street photography.
This is the sheer amount of people at 10 o’ clock in the Monday Morning at Taj Mahal.

What I learned from this Trip

It was something more than losing my wallet, this trip has taught me that there should be nothing which should stop you from doing whatever you want to do because at the end of the day you will receive a special result which you will keep for the rest of your life.

Maybe because of losing my wallet or maybe because of all the trouble I went through but this was truly a special memory of my life which I will never forget and once we say Wah Taj Wah!.

The epitome on the show
is more than a dream turned true.
A timeless beauty stitched on the stone.
The first impression catches the eyeballs
it did for every star in the sky for every age
something remains forever a new Taj Mahal.

– Shofi Ahmed

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