Triund | A Beginner’s Delight

Triund | A Beginner’s Delight

Imperial amongst the beginner’s trek, Triund is the bargain destination which is captivating for any traveller strolling in the lap of legendary Dauladhar.

Time for Summer Holidays and the hidden explorer inside me was rising for its quest to accomplish something. Thus sitting in the chaos of Delhi I decided to plan for my first trekking experience which is the Triund trek and I must say it did not disappoint me.

Triund is situated in the Kangra district at an elevation of about 2850m. It is a lush green field of Grass in the foot of Mighty Daulahdar.

Triund is as beautiful and tough as it can be for your first trekking experience giving you the push and ruggedness in the last 1km to the easy trail initially and finally when you reach the triund the wow effect ot produces takes away every bit of tired muscle and fatigue which would have present inside you.

It is a must do activity even if you are planning a trip to Mcleodganj or Dharamshala.

| Sheep of Triund |

Delhi to Triund :

Triund is the perfect getaway for a 3-4 day trip from the chaos and ruggedness of Delhi. Triund keeps a special place for anyone who wants to start trekking or just want to give themselves a challenge.

Perfect for people going with their families, group of friends or wants to hike solo. As this place will satisfy your wanderlust from head to toe.

Triund Trek Budget:

The budget per person for the Triund trek is flexible for every cost category ranging from:

  • 0-2000rs (as I did it): Tent (300rs)+Dinner(200rs)+Water(200rs)+Transport(1100rs)
  • 2000 -3500: Guest House(600)+ Dinner(500rs)+Water(200rs)+Transport(1500rs)+miscellaneous(500rs)

Best Time to do Triund Trek:

Triund is an easy trek thus it is viable to go throughout the year but if you are a beginner like me then go in early 1st or 2nd week of May as you can skip most of the crowd and enjoy Triund at its peak.

Triund Trek Difficulty :

Easy to Moderate.

As described earlier Triund trek is an easy trek with a little strain in the last 1 km famous for its 22 bends and can be easily completed under 3-4 hours maximum.

Need for Guide is not that high as it is a well-trailed path.

Advisable Days for your Trip:

3-4 days is the minimum time to enjoy your trip and fill your satisfaction.

Stay in Triund for 2 days 1 night which is also a necessary requirement.

Reaching Basecamp:

Delhi to Dharamshala: Take a bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. This is the best transportation to reach Dharamshala from where you will further reach your base camp.

Book your bus tickets through paytm as they are the best with ample of options.

Triund Trek Base Camp:

Will start by sharing a tip that before deciding for any hike or trek always choose base camp first which is close to the trail thus below I am sharing details of 2 base camps for Triund Trek which are:-

  • Mcleodganj: Delhi to Mcleodganj can be reached via bus from Delhi to Dharamshala. Mcleodganj is 10 km. away from Dharamshala and you will reach here in 30-45 mins. depends on the traffic. It can be reached via 2 options either take a taxi which will cost you about 200-300 or a HRTC bus which runs at every half an hour costing you about 25 rupees. Mcleodganj is a popular tourist Destination which can also be explored if you are on 4-day trip (I chose Mcleodganj). Want to explore Mcleodganj? Click here to know about my Trip to Mcleodganj

Book from 78 properties in Mcleodganj under every budget.

  • DharamkotA little Hippy village tucked in the Kangra District famous for its tranquillity. Stay here if you are on a 3-day trip. 
Mountain Views from Naddi VIew Point

How to Reach Triund hill:

Depends upon the base camp you are choosing, If you are choosing Mcleodganj you need to take a taxi or auto to Dharamkot costing you about 100-150 which you can share this cost with other travellers going to Triund. You will reach there in 20-35 mins.

Dharamkot is the checkpoint for your verification(it is on the way of the trail so no hustle for this) here you will get registered via a government official. They will check your bag for any misleading objects.

Triund Trek Distance:

From Dharamkot the distance to Triund campsite is 10kms.

So after Dharamkot, your trail starts, Since the first 4 km is a motorable road to Galla Devi Temple there are several taxis charging you around Rs 300 per taxi to drop you there thus cutting your trekking distance to 6kms.

Although after reading this you will be attracted by the prospectus of skipping first 4 km and hire a taxi, I will advise you to walk till Galla Devi Temple to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and save those important 300 bucks.

Triund Trek Trail:

From Galla Devi Temple your trail starts there will be no mode from here other than your legs thus you have to walk last 6 km.

The trail itself is a mesmerizing one as you will get served by the oaks of Dauladhar on your one side and the view of the valley with the depth of mountain on the other. While being on the trail will set your expectation about what will be served to you when you reach on top.

Food stalls available for water and food at every 500m so no need to carry food for your trail (although a pack of peanuts won’t harm you).

After 3 km there is a half point where you can relax and enjoy the majestic view. Here is a water tank which will cost you about 20rs per litre so you can refill your water bottles from here.

The last 1km of Triund trail is the most difficult part of this trek as it is famous for its 22 bends. But no worries you will be driven by your passion and supported by mountains to reach the top of Triund as it waits for you.

Triund Hill:

The beautiful Triund campsite ready to serve you with its tranquility and resurgence.

As soon as you set your foot on the last meter of the trail you will get punched by the surreal beauty of Triund tucked in the lap of Dauladhar like its own son. The beauty of Triund will absorb all of your exhaustion as soon as you reach here.

The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will make you almost emotional to the sense that this is your one of the first trek and its worth all the effort.

Watching the sunset, listening to songs or just sitting there at an elevation of about 2,850m absorbing the magnified views of Dauladhar so close that gives you a sense of licking the tips of Dauladhar while sitting in Triund.

Dauladhar peaks
Giant peaks of Dauladhar Guarding down Triund

Where to stay in Triund:

Don’t listen to anyone in Dharamkot or Mcleodganj about the Triund stay options as the will allure you to register from base camp to sell their own tents at an expensive cost.

Thus there are many tents available in Triund for about 300 per person at the food stalls in Triund campsite. And it is advisable to stay in tents at Triund campsite while there are many guest houses available there.

Food and Water:

Food and water in Triund are available at 5-6 stalls costing you about 200rs per plate of Dinner which will be sufficient for 2 people, Maggi and Omelette cost you about 80 rs per plate. Bottle of Water is available for 80rs.

Stargazing in Triund:

Stars take over the sky as the sun goes away.

A must do thing in Mcleodganj is watching the stars in the night.

The most magical experience of Triund is the stars you will be surrounded by in the night and stargazing them will almost leave you in awe of that scenic experience.

Thus as the sun drops and the moon starts emerging surrounded by the stars your day in Triund ends.

The following day descent from your trail in 1-2 hour and reach Dharamkot or Mcleodganj to catch your returning bus to Delhi.


  1. Keep Triund clean so Don’t throw garbage on the trail or at the campsite there will be several dustbins for you but it is advisable to carry your Garbage back with you till Dharamkot.
  2. Have a rest Day in DHaramkot or Mcleodganj before going for the Trek.
  3. Don’t carry booze or alcohol as it is a strong law followed by the police and if you will be caught you are in big trouble.
  4. Hiring a taxi from Dharamkot to Galla Devi Temple can be made cheaper by sharing the cost with other travellers since it is 300rs per taxi which can fit in in 4 people.
  5. Keep your bag light to keep the trek easier for you.
  6. Starts jogging or running a month before your trip as it required some level of physical fitness (even though I saw many unfit people completing the trail but their face tells about their situation!)
  7. Bargain with food stalls as they will give you a tent for 250-350 per person.
  8. Start early for your Trek as it advisable to reach before 4-5 PM.
  9. Carry winter layering even if its a summer season because as the sun starts dropping the temperature drops significantly. So don’t make a mistake like I did and carry at least one sweater/jacket with cap, gloves and Muffler.

ranges of Dauladhar

“As the two of us drink
together, while mountain
flowers blossom beside, we
down one cup after the other
until I am drunk and sleepy
so that you better go!
Tomorrow if you feel like it
do come and bring your lute
along with you!”

-Li PO

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