Vishwamitra Waterfall – Hike in Pushkar

Vishwamitra Waterfall – Hike in Pushkar

After visiting Aloo Baba on the previous day, I was dead sure to again explore something offbeat on my last day. Suddenly I saw a map on my hostel’s wall which had a place named Gaz-Baz valley. Thus my curiosity took over me and with little to no clue I started looking for it. But as I was lurking for the unknown I asked one of the local kid, who told me that Vishwa Mitra waterfall is much better place to go. So I went with his advise.

Vishwamitra waterfall is a hidden treasure of Pushkar, which only comes out during monsoon season. The waterfall is only known by locals and there is no information about it on google. It can not be spotted from the ground, and you have to hike for about half an hour to reach the waterfall. It is truly the most offbeat thing you can do in Pushkar.

How to Reach the Waterfall

To reach the waterfall, you first have to locate its base to start from. So the best way to locate the base is to reach the base is to type “Vishwamitra Ashram” on the map and follow the route otherwise you can ask locals that where is “Vishwamitra Ashram”. You will walk/ride parallel to Pushkar canal. It is about 3 km away from Pushkar Lake, so you can even walk till here.

After reaching the base you will see that the canal is connected to the mountain, so start ascending upwards from there. The hike is a mix of bouldering and an uphill walk. Before climbing up I will suggest that you should wear good shoes because the hike will be slippery. It is not an easy hike and you should always ask locals what to do if you are lost or have any doubt.

Be careful about the snakes while hiking, because the hill is known as “Naag Parvat”. Make sure that you are always on the left side of the stream while hiking/bouldering upwards. You will even see the whole view of Pushkar while climbing up.

So after about half an hour of struggle through wet rocks and thorns, you will reach the waterfall. And the feeling of watching a waterfall through the slippery rocks, and the formation of a big stream, is wonderful. Every bit of sweat will be worth the effort.

The height of the waterfall is around 12 meters, which is not that big. But the warmth of finding something, no-one else knows about is overwhelming. Thus I wasted no time and took a bath under the water because locals told me that this is once a year moment, so don’t waste it.

You can even hike more upwards and climb until the peak of the mountains. From the peak, you can see Ajmer, but it takes around 3 hours to reach the top as told by locals. I didn’t attempt it because of time constraints.

Locals really know how to enjoy the waterfall

While descending be careful about every step, because it is really tilted as you get down from rocks.

As I sat down to dry myself off, I was thinking about how wonderful every place is. You just have to make an effort to be a little more curious than an internet guide, and truly the joy comes when you explore no-one else knows about. This is the joy of traveling in an unusual manner and with little to no plans. Thus, my 4-day adventure in Pushkar ended with a hike to a hidden waterfall.

Where to stay in Pushkar

Pushkar is turning into a backpacking hub so there are many cheap stay options in Pushkar. But the main thing while choosing the accommodation is that you want to stay near the ghat/lake. This is the place with all the action and charm of the town. The cafes near the lake are awesome and you can visit many rooftop cafes around the area. I will only recommend hostels because I stayed in one and I don’t believe in spending too much on accommodation.

  • Moustache Pushkar – It is a great choice to stay in Pushkar since the hostel is in the prime location and you don’t have to walk much for exploring. They have good beds, and great service to go along with it. Plus it is cheaper than other hostels in comparison. They even have a rooftop cafe overlooking the Pushkar lake.
  • Zostel Pushkar, Madpackers Pushkar – Both of them are also good hostels in Pushkar, although I didn’t stay at both of them. But the ratings and reviews from previous guests were good enough.

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