Why I love to run around

Why I love to run around

Arriving in the city at 6 o’ clock in the morning with no idea about where to stay or where to eat but only a sheer determination to find an amazing spot to watch the sunrise in a strange place and running off here and there with no purpose, I admit that I love to fast travel.

Someone told me once that you can’t be true to yourself if you don’t accept your own mistakes and here I am accepting that after resisting about fast Traveling for months and months, I suddenly found that here I am running in whole city aimlessly from the first chai of the city to the last train of the city, which I have fallen in love for.

I love to wander around even if it means there is no next “place to see” or “thing to do”.

Sure I will love to kick back some days and just sit around in my hotel’s chair and do nothing but the real question is for how many days I can do that, 1 or maximum 2, but running around Oh that’s what I did on my last solo trip to Rajasthan for 10 days like I arrived in Bikaner at 7 o’ clock in the morning and completed the whole city by 10 in the night.

Wandering on Foot


People ask me aren’t you supposed to get tired? But really I don’t get tired and it works in opposite as the day run through its time and the evening kicks in, I am refreshed and re-energized to leave this Kachori stall and hop on to visit “something”.

Wandering on foot will give you the best travel stories of your life since only the interaction with local people is what you take away from your experience inside a city because you never know on whose bike you are hitchhiking or whosoever is telling you the next place to visit, a talk with them will probably be the only thing you talk about when you will be back from that destination.

It’s not about the destination,

It’s all about the journey.

There is an essence to stand in a strange place with nothing going inside my mind but aimlessly talking to myself and helping my own desires to get a direction and move further in hope to probably have the best time of my life wherever I am stopping next. But the sad part is there is no stopping in me even if it has been the best place I have seen in a city, I will probably hop on a strange bike to get to the chaos of the main city and love to hear those horn noises and shouting of people.

You must be thinking by now that this guy is so weird but I also know, I am weird for what I love to run in a strange place for whole day tiring myself to death for an ever wanted sleep which has never arrived and maybe it never will.

In the end I will culminate by saying that not all of this can be true about my next journey because humans are complex species which has changed its desire from every phase of time and so will I, but there is a guarantee that for what I love to run around I will probably miss the most of it, if I will leave it, so there is no leaving now and there is no stopping now!

“Can’t stop addicted to the shin dig,
Cop top he says I’m gonna win big,
Choose not a life of imitation,
Distant cousin to the reservation”
Can’t Stop
by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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